My story, The Station, chosen for podcast…


Bizart: A Podcast Of The Odd, The Art and The Rest

Hey folks, My story, The Station can be heard on this podcast. It is a very short story, (under 300 words).

This is the Holiday episode where the hosts, Madeleine and Stephen, talk about Christmas related artwork, the Wisconsin Death Trip, some personal memory and freaky film.

Check out the podcast and my story, it’s sure to be entertaining. click here: Bizart: A Podcast Of The Odd, The Art and The Rest 

Also if you are so inclined to write something…
Bizart: A Podcast Of The Odd, The Art and The Rest Are looking for stories for their podcast. Submit a three hundred word story. We need stories that are 300 words or less. We like weird, odd, strange, spooky or scary, or if you really want to blow our socks off, all five at once. Think you can manage it?

Bizart: A Podcast Of The Odd, The Art And The Rest

To Own A Monster – Aurora Monster Model Kits


Check out my guest article on


To Own A Monster – Aurora Monster Model Kits 

wolfman dracula box

A brief history of Aurora Monster models and my growing up with them. I’m sure you all know how much of a monster model fanatic I am, this will give some insight to my introduction to the model kit world.

If you like, please share and leave a comment. Thanks!

kong kit


Live on Blogtalk Radio! Journals of Horror authors


WitD Blogtalk

Whispers in the Dark Radio Show – Wednesday, Dec. 17th @ 9:pm

With hosts: Viktor Aurelius and Jeff Niles


Whispers in the Dark Radio Show will be interviewing several authors from the ‘Journals of Horror’ anthology on Wednesday night starting at: 9:00 est.

Starting with author/editor Terry M. West. I’m sure he’ll discuss his idea for the groundbreaking anthology and his quest to make it a reality.

My scheduled talk-time is 9:36 but I’m hoping you’ll listen to the whole show.

Listen here: Blogtalk Radio

Terry M. West picWhispers in the dark - JOH show

My story, The Memory Thief, chosen for the ‘Best of Dark Eclipse Magazine’

The Best of Dark Eclipse Vol 2 big

My story, The Memory Thief, chosen for the Best of Dark Eclipse Magazine

The Best of Dark Eclipse – Volume 2 (Dark Eclipse Book 41)

It is with great honor that I can announce that my story, The Memory Thief, has been included in The Best of Dark Eclipse Magazine, Vol. 2. Dark Eclipse and its sister publication Dark Moon Digest has been turning out high quality, horror fiction for many years now. It has always been one of the harder markets to get into and I was happy getting published by them once, but now I am duly honored to have the story reprinted.

Lori Michelle was a pleasure to work with in editing the piece. She contacted me when she had read the story to suggest a few changes. The first was to change it to third person (I originally had it written in first person). Then she re-read and suggested a little trim here, a little more description there. I made the adjustments and it was accepted into issue #28. I’m so glad she took the time to work with me on those points of contention and saw something in the story that bosch_the_garden_of_earthly_delights_detail_c1500she felt would work in the pages of Dark Eclipse Magazine.

I knew The Memory Thief was a great little tale when I wrote it. It had the fine balance of poetic phrasing and description with direct story telling and it had a fantastic/mystical quality to it.  It is the kind of story that doesn’t come from a writer often, but feels like magic when it flows out of you. It is also one that comes from a place of personal experience (although disguised in the fiction) that makes it feel good to tell in a story.

I have been reading this “Best of vol. 2” and I am proud to be in this issue with such amazing high caliber authors and fantastic stories. If you want to know the caliber of story-telling the pro-market likes to publish, this issue would be a great place to read some excellent choices.

Available on Amazon Kindle

The Best of Dark Eclipse Vol 2


Witchin’ & Bitchin’ (2013) – movie review

witchin and bitchin pic 2

Witchin’ & Bitchin’ (2013)
Spanish – Las brujas de Zugarramurdi

Directed by Álex de la Iglesia
Hugo Silva
Mario Casas
Carmen Maura
Carolina Bang


The title of this film wasn’t a real eye catcher for me and I actually prefer the Spanish title, The Witches of Zugarramurdi. With that said, I delved into the film not expecting much and was delighted with what I saw.

This is a wacky, crazy, over-the-top horror film that is a lot of fun. It’s a Spanish film, subtitled, but easy to watch and enjoyablewitchin and bitchin poster 2 viewing. A rag-tag band of thieves heist a pawn shop and attempt to make a clean getaway. The problem is with Jose; it was his day to watch his son, per his divorce settlement and he brings the young lad along on the heist. With Antonio, he had to borrow the car from his girlfriend but she needed it back and took it during the robbery leaving them without a getaway car. And that’s just the beginning of dozens problems that plague these enterprising men as they head for the French border with a bag full of loot and gold.

Unbeknownst to the band of thieves, the Basque town of Zugarramurdi, in the Spanish countryside, is cursed and populated with members of Europe’s oldest and biggest witches coven. Oh, and they happen to be cannibals. The sack of pawned gold holds evil power because of the broken promises and lost hopes of wedding rings returned and misery dispensed. The gold will help the coven perform a sacred ceremony that will enable them to wield a reign of terror upon the world.

Comical and bizarre witch family members scuffle with the thieves and two detectives who had been on their trail. The witches raise the mother goddess, (a sight to be seen – comically horrifying on many levels) in order to fulfill a prophecy and enable the Coven to take control of the world. It’s a zany horror-comedy reflecting shades of John Dies at the End, Black Sheep, and Dead Alive. It’s a fun film that I enjoyed quite a bit and it had me laughing out loud several times. It has won numerous awards at the 28th Goya Awards honoring Spanish film and entertainment. So if you’re in the mood for some supernatural comedy horror and don’t mind reading some subtitles, look no further. This film is worth the effort.

witchin and bitchin pic 13

A fun and funny film about witches, and dealing with ex-wives in this high octane comedy!

I give it 4.0 wicked witch spells out of 5 on the accursed coven of conjured concubines scale.

My THREE Year Bloggiversary! Thanks to my co-bloggers! And followers


My THREE Year Bloggiversary! Thanks to my co-bloggers! And followers

Once again, a very special thanks to all the co-bloggers that read, like, and comment on my posts – You all make this worth the effort. The truth is, if I didn’t get ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on my posts I probably would have quit after year one.

I get 400 to 500 hits a day on Parlor of Horror for all the different posts here. I don’t know if that’s good or bad and I don’t really care as long as I meet new people and share some ideas, and opinions. How many people can you really make a connection with anyway? There are some posts I did in year one and two that continue to get hits every week.


I hope you like all the different things I do here, not just movie posts, or just book posts, but All Things Horror.

I try to keep up with everyone but I’ll have to admit, if it ain’t a horror flick or book (or sci-fi) you reviewed, or something that a horror aficionado would be interested in, I probably won’t give it a second look…(oh, and I do like some superhero flicks, too!)

Anyways, I’d like to give extra special thanks to you all:

(Every time WordPress makes changes to their site (to make it better?) it makes it harder for me to find you – now it takes me 4 clicks & waiting to open 4 pages to get to your site in a ‘blogs I follow’ search. It took me a couple of hours to get these damn links! So, if you haven’t liked or commented on one of my posts recently, you’re probably not listed here…which also means you’ll probably never see this anyway.)

(It would help if you had your blog listed on your Avatar page)

Vic at Vic’s Movie Den
For some great reviews and for posting my guest spots, and just for being a great guy all around. I hope we can meet one day in person and shoot the breeze, maybe at a horror convention in the city or something :)

For reviewing some of the most far out flicks that peak my curiosity

Laura from FU Only Knew
For the steady stream of book reviews and promotions, not all horror but enough to keep my interest

John at Written in Blood
Who I seem to like the most horror films from your reviews of flicks I hadn’t previously heard of (Like WER and Jugface)

Eric at The IPC
For being one funny MF-er and for ‘Shitfest’

Brian & Brad at Hard Ticket to Home Video
For being another two funny MF-ers

Tim the Film Guy at Tim’s Film Reviews
For reviewing the main stream new films and getting me to want to see them

Dave from Last Road Reviews
For reviewing a lot of exploitation flicks of which I would have totally forgotten about if you didn’t bring them up

Robbin from Robbinsrealm
For your in-depth reviews and articles of some of my fave horror flicks and subjects

Wednesday’s Child from Seven Doors of Cinema
For reviewing obscure horror flicks from the 70’s

FilmScoreHunter from The Cinematic Frontier
For some great reviews of horror flicks we all love

Kim at Tranquil Dreams
Always love your photo assignments

Renae Rude at The Paranormalist
For your interesting, non typical blog posts, you show some great originality

Paul Bower from Scifi Jubile
Who ‘likes’ all my model kits posts and I feel he might get the motivation to do one himself one day when he has some free time

MarkMc2012 from Lasers, Monsters and Barbarians, Oh My!
For liking and reviewing all the old flicks and TV shows I love so much… and his ‘things I learned from this movie’ features

And, Badasses, Boobs and Bodycounts although I don’t listen to pod casts much they have some interesting show subjects.

Some new friends:

Geoff from The Telltale Mind
Who always posts about those great 50’s sci/fi horror flicks that I love so much (and finds some cool pics to go along with them

Louie at Thy Critic Man
Because he’s a SUPERHERO, and he saves us from bad movies!


and more…

Tim at
Movie Man Jackson
The Angry Scholar

Fiza from InsaneOwl
Anna at FilmGrimoire
JJames Reviews

Teny at Movies of the Soul
JP at The Horror Booth
Tyson Carter at Head in a Vice
Side Kick Reviews
Dan the Man’s Movie reviews
Bubbawheat from Fights, Tights, and Movie Nights

Zoe from Sporadic Chronicles of a BB
Leo Craven at Leo
Kev at Kev’s Blog
ArcaneHalloween at Precinct1313
Vinnieh from Vinnieh, movie reviews…

Bob Bois at Sitting in
John at Movies Films, and Flix
Joseph at
Dr Humpp’s Curious Collection
Maria Kriva from Your Popcorner
Madeleine Swann’s writing blog 
Kym Darkly from Horror in My Heart
Ryan from Rhino’s Horror
Vern at Vern’s Video Vortex
Newguy87 at Movie Review 101
MikeyB from Screenkicker

If I missed anyone, I’ll probably add them to my list in the next few days, but I can’t do no more searching now, I’m burnt out :(

Ghostly Shadow in Long Island Mansion – caught on video!

Ghostly Shadow in Long Island Mansion – caught on video!

While touring a Long Island, NY Mansion, me and my wife took some photos and video. When we watched the video at home, we saw this strange shadow movement. The shadow seems to hover over the bed and float across it. We also heard a child’s voice that seems like it’s right in the room with us.