Journals of Horror – 99 cents sale – this weekend only!

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Journals of Horror – 99 cents sale – this weekend only!

If any of you are curious about the Journals of Horror: Found Fiction Anthology, this weekend would be a great time to get your kindle version of the book. There is a 99 cents sale going on this weekend!

Journals of Horror: Found Fiction, includes a short story by Michael Thomas-Knight

Suicide notes, inter-office memos, diaries, email threads; people’s most personal thoughts in the pages of this collection. What has happened to these people; where have their lives gone wrong? Find out in Journals of Horror.

Just wanted to say a few things about my story, Night Terrors, included in the Journals of Horror release

Here’s some of the influences that proded this story from my icey dead fingers…

For a short period of time, my younger brother would wake in the night from night terrors. He’d stand, wide eyed in terror, pointing to the corners of the room, at things we could not see. It was frightening enough to watch his behavior, not to mention thinking about what it was he might be seeing. These experiences were an influential aspect to the story, Night Terrors.

I’ve done quite a bit of studies on supernatural entities. There are different kinds of entities as there are different kinds of hauntings. I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if several of these different types of entities were brought into the same arena. The arena would be the dreams and nocturnal world of a woman, whose failing marriage has left a great void in her life and left her vulnerable to attack.

Michael Thomas-Knight


Black Files on Black Friday special that will run Nov. 27th to Dec. 1st! It will be for the Amazon US site only:

Thanksgiving For the Horror / Sci-fi fan of yesteryear


Thanksgiving For the Horror / Sci-fi fan of yesteryear

Thanksgiving for me as a youngster always had a special feel and memories.

It wasn’t a holiday for children and us young ones always found it boring. Moms had their Hostess of the Home fanfare and Dads had their sports. It was the Holiday for adults.

Being the child I was, I managed to carve out a niche that got me through the day.

The day started with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Aside from the big balloons it was usually a snoozer. But immediately following on WPIX in NY, March of the Wooden Soldiers (aka: Babes in Toyland) was aired.

march-of-the-wooden-soldiers barnaby23


From their I would turn to W-OR, which for many years would air a few Kong films for the day. It would start with the classic, King Kong (1933) at 1:00. About 3 o’clock they would air Son of Kong (1933). And they would finish at 4:30 with Mighty Joe Young (1949). For breif reviews of these films, check out my post: The Legacy of Kong 

It turned my Thanksgiving day into a fun day of Fantasy Adventure!

Don’t let the Turkey get the Last Laugh! Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving post card

Don’t let the Turkey get the Last Laugh!

Have a safe Thanksgiving:

Avoid these real life Thanksgiving horrors:

The U.S. Fire Administration reports that the number of fires related to cooking doubles on Thanksgiving Day.burn baby burn

Under-cooked turkey accounts for a rise in sending people to the hospital or doctor within a few days of Thanksgiving.

Choking hazards sharply increase on Turkey Day. A common cause of choking is talking while eating. Also be careful of small Turkey bones.

Got Pets? 

SONY DSCTurkey bones are NOT good for pets. Turkey and/or chicken bones splinter causing rips and tears in the walls of a dogs digestive tract and often go un-noticed until it is too late.

Chocolate can cause serious illness and sometimes death when dogs ingest it. In addition, dogs can’t eat grapes, raisins, onions, or anything with caffeine

and lastly: 

Drink responsibly and drive sober!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Followers and friends!

When does a writer become an author?

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When does a writer become an author?

One of the advantages to having numerous books on the market with my short stories in them is that people start to call me an author. They start to think of me as an author and they start to treat me like an author, too. I guess I’m becoming an author :)

At Jim’s Pyre’s Dead Letter Office, Jim interviews numerous authors at different stages of their career. I’m humbled, being one of the authors that Jim has found to interview. I share the honor and company of outstanding wordsmiths such as, Tim Waggoner, Mercedes Yardley, Alex S Johnson, and Glenn Rolfe.

Thanks so much Jim!

If you would like to hear of my upcoming projects, share in my writing techniques and ideas, stop by and read the interview: The Interview

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Model Kit Gallery Page – New

Aurora Godzilla

Model Kit Gallery Page

Because I’ve been getting so many hits for my Aurora and Vintage Monster Model Kits, I thought it was time I set up a permanent gallery link in my Pages Menu section along the top bar.

I’ll add to these from time to time as I complete additional kits and I’ll add links to the original posts where I explain some of my building techniques and modifications.

For now you can take a look at my Gallery of Finished Monster Model Kits.

Thanks for tuning in!
Also, I have these two quick Vids of Model Kits I had built if you care to take a look :)

Robot Monster – Ro-man

Mummy Machine

The Spectral Link – Thomas Ligotti

the-spectral-link-thomas-ligottiThe Spectral Link
Thomas Ligotti

With Ligotti’s work, you always get the sense that his writing is a catharsis and that within a wholly functioning story the author is working out some deep personal dilemma behind the scenes. It’s always way in the background of his stories like a forgotten skeletal sub-plot. However, in The Spectral Link, it seems his mental insecurities have taken center stage in his story telling. After a short preface we are treated to two tales, short but welcomed, the first fiction from Ligotti since a longer than 10 year hiatus.
Metaphisica Morum
At the urging of a dark figure in his dream called The Dealer, a man works on his psychiatrist to perform a specific deed he describes as the “All New Context.” The man’s demoralization at it’s peak, he wishes to take the next step in withdrawal from life. Eventually, the psychiatrist, Doctor O, moves from his office and leaves no forwarding address for the man. Each time he moves he is found by his persistent patient. Dr. O inevitably witnesses ‘The Dealer’ himself and succumbs to his patient’s wishes, although it seems those wishes have changed.

In The Small People, the character has to deal with the intrusive spread of a race of small people that seem to have no rhyme or reason to their existence. There are themes of bigotry and prejudice explored within this story along with severe paranoia. Eventually the boy grows up and seems to see ‘the small people’ in everyone around him including his parents. He ligotti artbelieves them to be conspiring against him for unknown reasons but in tandem with the small people. In the end he begs his psychiatrist for answers to life’s questions, to which there are none. The story makes you deal with the prejudices within yourself; uncomfortable situations and ideas are presented to your intellect to stew over.

Overall, these tales are different than Ligotti’s other horror fiction, but in line with repeating themes of his work. I think the biggest difference is the focus of the stories are turned inward upon the writer himself further demonstrating his nihilistic views. The stories make you twitch with discomfort and longing for an answer that is never found. I find shadows of Franz Kafka in these tales which can leave the reader in a state of woeful dread. Depending upon the degree the reader lets themselves fall into the stories, it makes it all the more difficult to shake off the cloud of dread and climb out of the black hole Ligotti has led you into. And that’s the horror of these stories.
The Spectral Link on Amazon

Giants Legend and Lore

Parlor of Horror:

Considering the ‘Search for the Lost GIANTS’ show I’ve been watching on History Channel, I thought this would be a good time to reblog this.

Originally posted on parlor of horror:

Giants Legend and Lore

Stories involving Giants can be found in all cultures, from the earliest Mesopotamia stone carvings to recent American legends of Paul Bunyan and John Henry. Particularly tall men are born from time to time and their unusual stature can be attributed to some of the tales and folklore spoken through generations. Add to that some vivid imagination, fear, and a healthy dose of alcohol, and you have the ingredients for a tall-tale about a giant man.

Giants were also used to explain natural phenomenon that could not be explained by a people’s knowledge of the world at any particular time. Thunder was giants at play, earth tremors and quakes were walking giants and volcanoes were the burning blood of a long buried giant. Following, are some of the legends and folklore of giants through the ages.

Historical Giants

The earliest known organized culture is thought…

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