Sea Monsters of Legend and Lore


Sea Monsters of Legend and Lore

Come summer we all seek to return to the sea. There is something both haunting and calming about the great oceans that give peace to the mind and soul. But there are also a multitude of sea monsters to destroy your tranquility.

The Carta Marina – is a medieval chart depicting the oceans and the many dangers that await.

sea serpents and water dragons

Monsters of the Sea

some common monsters and creatures of the sea

Polypus – a giant lobster/octopus hybrid

The Sea Swine – swine of the sea that will eat men

The Sea Unicorn – its large horn can sink a ship

The Ziphius – a fish with a sword nose

Kraken – legendary sea monster thought to be a giant squid or a serpent with squid-like tentacles.

The Giant Sea Snail – it’s a big one!

Aspidochelone – a turtle or a whale with craggy formations on its back. It is big enough to be mistaken for a small island luring sailors to their deaths

Sirens – beautiful women with angelic voices who lure sailors to their deaths by shipwrecking them upon the rocky coast.

Cecaelias – Octopus people

Mermaids/Mermen – half men / half fish

Scylla – a six-headed, twelve-legged serpentine that devours six men from each ship that passes through the Strait of Messina (Italy and Sicily)

Charybdis – is a huge beast living underwater that swallows a huge amount of water creating a whirlpool

Icthyocentaur – is part human, part horse and part fish

Leviathan – a giant sea serpent familiar to many cultures and mythologies. Known as the bringer of chaos, a demon or a representation of the element of water.

the mermaids rock - edward matthew hale

Legends and Lore

I’ve assembled and paraphrased a few interesting legends here.

Umibōzu – are spirits with a large round shaven head and thought to be formed by drowned priests or monks. They can capsize ships of those that speak to it and in one legend, asked crew members for a barrel. When given the barrel the Umibōzu filled it with water for the sailor to be drowned in. The way around that is to offer it a bottomless barrel.

Bakunawa – a giant sea serpent of Philippine mythology that would eat the moon if the people didn’t stop it by a ritual of banging on pans. The loud noise would make the Bakunawa spit out the moon. Then the people would play soothing music to put it back to sleep. The story is tied to explanation of the eclipse of the moon.

Blue Men of the Minch – legend inhabitants of Scottland’s coast between the Island of Lewis and Shant Island were known for sinking passing ships. The only way to save the ship is for the captain to talk to them in rhyme and get the last word (last rhyme). They live in underwater caves.

Vodnik – Originating from Slavic folklore, Vodniks are waterdemons that began their existence after a child has been drowned. They lure people into the water where they suffocate them, and either take on the form of a green haired human or a fish.

Rusalka – The water spirit created when a woman drowns

Andromeda – the woman from Greek mythology who was chained to a rock to be sacrificed to the Kraken as divine punishment for her mother’s bragging. She was saved from death by Perseus

Count Dracula (1970) – Movie review


Count Dracula 1970 pic 3

“Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make.”

Count Dracula (1970)

Directed by Jesse Franco
Christopher Lee
Herbert Lom
Klaus Kinski
Soledad Miranda
Maria Rohm

This is one of Jesse Franco’s more coherent films. It’s a somewhat faithful version of Bram Stokers Dracula, dripping with gothic atmosphere. It’s artistically lit with vibrant orange and blue tones contrasted with black shadows like a noir film. Suitably dramatic music score layers the mood, although the harpsichord main theme gets a bit monotonous. It is filmed and edited in Count Dracula 1970 jesse francolate 60’s Euro style which portends its slow pacing.

It’s amazing how Lom’s portrayal of Van Helsing is mirrored by Hopkin’s version some thirty years later. Christopher Lee is gray-haired with a distinguished mustache in his portrayal of an aged Dracula. As he is inspired by a modern London (1800s) and feeds, he grows younger as the film progresses. This version spends more time with Renfield than others, but in an attempt to also be faithful to Stokers story, Klaus Count Dracula 1970 pic 16Kinski doesn’t have much substance to his part.

A few exceptional scenes break up the sluggish pace. The early scenes of Harker traveling the haunted woods of the Carpathian Mountains by stagecoach are as creepy as any film version. In one scene Dracula appears from the shadowed corner of Nina’s bedroom with Van Helsing as her guard. When Van Helsing makes the sign of the cross upon the floor, Dracula moves backward dissolving into the shadow.

It’s slow pacing and abrupt ending keep this from being a recommended vampire film. However, Dracula film aficionados and Lee completists will enjoy this for a few well crafted scenes and it’s gothic atmosphere.

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 sharknado 3 small

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Sharknado 3 Premier – it wouldn’t be summer!


Sharknado 3 

Leading up to this event we had some new classics like, 3-Headed Shark Attack (If 2 heads were bad, 3 heads are the baddest!) and Zombie Shark (just in case a shark isn’t scary enough for you, it’s a zombie too!)3-Headed-Shark-Attack-poster


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malibu shark attack

Sharknado vintage adjurassicshark-pic4

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Grilled Shark Steaks

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Fish and Chips

The ‘fish’ is usually Atlantic Cod, but shark white meat can make for a wonderful exchange for your fish and chips.


sharknado 3


At the Earth’s Core (1976) – Amicus Films – movie review

at the earths core pic 15 c

At The Earth’s Core (1976)

Directed by Kevin Conner
Screenplay by Milton Subotsky

Doug McClure
Peter Cushing
Caroline Munro

This is the third Amicus film based on the stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs. At The Earth’s Core feels like a combination between The Time Machine and Journey to the Center to the Earth. In the book all the creatures were dinosaurs. For the movie, the studio created their own giant monsters to terrorize our characters.

The first thing you’ll notice is Peter Cushing’s terrible accent (German?). It’s pretty much the same accent he used in The Beast Must Die. In this film he plays Dr. Abner Perry, inventor of an earth moving submarine (The Iron Mole) that can dig its way to the core. With his co-pilot and investor, David (Doug McClure), they set off through the bedrock and find an inner world. This at the earths core - posterworld is ruled by a race of humanoid beings similar to the Morlocks. They serve and worship a group of reptilian bird creatures who communicate their desires through telepathy. The ruling race rounds up the humans. The men are turned to slaves and their women are sacrificed to these reptilian bird men.

David overcomes many obstacles to free the humans and teach them how to fight against the dominant race. He also rescues, Dia (Caroline Munro), from being sacrificed and the two fall in love. The wild creatures in the film are clunky, man-in-a-suit costumes that would make Toho laugh. But they do have a certainat the earths core pic 12 understated charm. Doug McClure delivers a melodramatic performance and seems to be aware of it at times which almost makes it comical. Munro seems to be having a grand time herself smiling and even laughing at times in the film when she’s caught unaware of the camera. It’s a moderately fun fantasy flick with amusing creatures, often for all the wrong reasons – ei. zippers, wires and rubbery horns. I really didn’t get the garish pink and purple lighting for the film; it looked like they were lighting the sets for a soft-core porn flick.

For a studio that started out with such serious modern gothic horror and above average acting, this seems like a silly product. However, the movie was quite popular and profitable for the studio. If you watch it, your enjoyment will stem from the unintended comical aspects more than anything else. Have some fun with it.

Amicus Films Overview

There were a bunch of Caroline Munro publicity shots for this film. Here’s some of them:

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Middle of the Road – film reviews – 2015

Monsters-Dark-Continent-pic 4

Middle of the Road – film reviews

Monsters Dark Continent
The Damned
Iron Sky

Here’s some film reviews of horror movies that weren’t bad and weren’t great, just somewhere in the middle. They are all quite watchable, it’s just that none have completely blown me away. On my dark star rating scale they all probably hover around 3 stars for different reasons.

Monsters-Dark-Continent-poster The Damned Movie Poster iron sky poster zombeavers poster

Monsters Dark Continent – 2015
Before you attempt to watch this, there is something you will have to understand. This is a war movie that has monsters in it, not the other way around. It’s not a bad movie at all, but it’s just somewhat disappointing for a monster movie fan. It’s right there with Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, and They Were Soldiers, bringing to light the big questions of our recent wars and it does tug at the heart strings. A group of young men from Detroit, facing a jobless and hopeless future are called into duty. In the combat zone they meet the older seasoned soldiers who attempt to set them on the right path. The few scenes of the nomad desert monsters are fantastic, they are beautiful creatures and quite enormous. However they are more like the backdrop of this film and more symbolic than anything else.
Monsters-Dark-Continent-pic 10

The Damned – 2014 (Gallows Hill)
This is a decent Spanish film about a young reporter in South America whose father (and new GF) convinces her to return home in time for his wedding. They are traveling the back roads of Bogata when a storm and a flash flood hits, toppling their SUV and stranding them at an old house in the country. The owner is reluctant to let them in, but seeing their desperation decides he has no choice. When they settle in, they discover the man has a ten-year-old-girl captive down the cellar. The visitors let her out and open a Pandora’s Box by doing so. I know the plot sounds familiar but it is presented in a way that seems fresh and captured my interest. The girl holds the spirit of a centuries old witch bent on exacting revenge upon the townspeople of the nearby village and destroying anyone who gets in the way.
the damned pic 6

Iron Sky (2012)
The Nazi regime has survived and have retreated to the dark side of the moon. They have waited over 70 years for a rematch and have been working on new weaponry to ensure they will win. There’s a good ‘what if’ story here, some good humor, and original ideas. The plot and pacing are excellent and the film ramps up to some wonderful high action. There are some spectacular aircraft (and spacecraft) dog-fight scenes in the climax of this flick, worth watching for the special effects fans out there. The Nazi invasion from space has begun, but can our reluctant hero save the day? Yeah, it’s all sorts of politically incorrect but it’s a comedy folks, don‘t be offended.
iron-sky pic 12

Zombeaver (2014)
If you go into this with low expectations you can enjoy this film for exactly what it is, a campy b-monster flick with some young women parading around in bikinis (and sometimes not in bikinis). It’s the Roger Corman formula for b-movie horror. Not much story depth here, not so great acting, and the monster beavers look like angry Muppets, but enjoyable light horror and humor despite these aspects.

zombeaver pic 9