Dinosaurs in Sci-fi and fantasy art – part IV

budd root - cavewoman - pic 3

Dinosaurs in Sci-fi and fantasy art – part IV


Bud Root

Bud Root created the ever popular comic series, Cavewoman, appealing to young man’s fantasies across the US. He began his own company Basement Comics after being turned down for work repeatedly by Marvel. Today he continues to run Basement Comics and has gained much fame for his Cavewoman series.



Richard Corben

Is a well known illustrator whose work appears in Eerie, Creepy, Vampirella, and Heavy Metal Magazines, as well as others. His comic creation DEN was adapted for the Heavy Metal movie. Richard also does his own writing and coloring giving his work a distinct feel. He’s won numerous awards through the years. All of the stories and covers he did with Creepy and Eerie have been re-released in one volume by Dark Horse Comics.



Dan Morton

Dan became known for his work on the Tomb Tales horror comics by Cryptic Entertainment in the 1990’s. He is currently working on the Space 1958, retro sci-fi comic.



Misc. Here’s some miscellaneous Dino art I’ve come across by different artists…scroll over the art to see names.



One more post, then I’m going to take a break from the dinosaur fantasy art.

I’m going to restart the series with dinosaur illustrators and artists in the science and museums field.


Horror Tropes – women in panties

Debra Deliso - Slumber Party Massacre

Women in Panties in Horror flicks

Here’s one for the guys, well most of the guys, and perhaps some of the gals…

Women in panties is a recurring theme in horror movies, especially in the Slasher sub-genre. Hell, if it weren’t for women in panties, there would be no Slumber Party Massacre.

I thought it would be fun to see some of the best shots of women in panties from horror movies through the years. Try and guess the films these ‘best of the best’ shots came from and we’ll see if you were paying attention. You can scroll over the photos to see the answers.

Count how many you have recognized and match it to our grades.
(if you get the actress or the film it counts as a point)

Okay, take a deep breath. Get ready for round 2



1-5 right answers – You’re an amateur, harmless to the world around you.

6-10 right answers – You’ve not been paying much attention to plot details, story lines or character arcs as you’ve been mezmerized by panties in these films. It would be wise to lay off these films for a while and check out some Family Entertainment.

11+ right answers – You’re a stalker and have been looking too close at the panties in all of these films. You’re a vouyer that borders on Peeping Tom and the neighbors were right to call the police on you after finding you in a tree with binocculars.

Thanks to the following for exposing their frilly, silky and colorful undergarments and adding some cheap thrills to our favorite horror flicks:

Addison Timlin, Alexandra Breckenridge, Annable Odette, Anna Faris, Carmen Electra, Debra Deliso, Elisha Cuthbert, Elizabeth Shue, Gail Harris, JoBeth Williams, Katrina Bowden, Kelly Nichols, Linnea Quigley, Megan Fox, Nancy Kyes, Saffron Burrows, Sigourney Weaver, Susan Sarandon, and any others that I failed to mention who had aired their unmentionables.


Horror Art – Post it Monsters by John Kenn

don kenn - post it monsters - pic 5

Horror Art – Post it Monsters by John Kenn

John Kenn Mortensen
aka: Don Kenn

John Kenn, who also goes by the name of Don Kenn on social media sites is an artist from Denmark. He works on children’s television shows. In his downtime he began doodling art on post-it notes that depict children in creepy scenes that often reflect the fertile imagination of young ones. He says of his art, “It is a little window into a different world, made on office supplies.”


Lovecraft’s Monsters – book review

lovecrafts-monsters b-cover

Lovecraft’s Monsters

edited by Ellen Datlow
anthology – Tachyon Pyblications
Lovecrafts Monsters - Ellen DatlowThe book starts off with a great story by Neil Gaiman titled, Only the End of the World Again. We find a werewolf in Innsmouth who incidentally saves the world by stopping the arrival of the elder gods. It is an enjoyable read because of its comical aspects.

In the story, Red Goat Black Goat, by Nadia Bulkin, two well-off children on a farm estate learn the harsh lessons of the goat god, and why you should never scoff at its rules.

The Same Deep Waters as You, by Brian Hodge is a top story in the collection. A woman who is known as an animal whisperer is brought to a secretive Atlantic Island prison to assess the prisoners. The prisoners are the last surviving population of Innsmouth, deformed and fish-like, and unable to speak. They have begun a new ritual. They are all facing the same direction in unison towards the ocean. They are waiting for something. Something wonderful.

And then we have the story by Thomas Ligotti called Sect of the Idiot, which I had already read in his anthology, Songs of a Dead Dreamer, but was happy to revisit here. A man enamored by a small but unusual town unlocks a hidden cosmic horror. As his curiosity leads him into the malignant hidden underbelly of the town, he will forever become a participant in the madness. This is close to reading an actual story by Lovecraft if he were alive today. Ligotti has all the mannerisms, atmosphere and stylings of Lovecraft without ever feeling derivative and he rarely touches upon tentacles or Cthulhu things from the sea.

Next we have a Lovecraftian Southern Horror story, The Bleeding Shadow, by Joe R. Lansdale. This one connected with me because it incorporates music, blues specifically, and updated the old crossroads story. As always, Joe relayed the tale with a distinct character and a wonderful character voice.

There are some other high points in the book and some stories I liked less. As with all collections there are stories that you will favor. I’ve listed my favorite here and to me, these alone made Lovecraft’s Monsters worth a read.

available from Amazon.com

not part of the book but loved the art

not part of the book but loved the art…

The Veil (2016) – Movie Review

The Veil (2016) - pic 7

The Veil (2016)

directed by Phil Joanou
written by Robert Ben Garant

starring: Jessica Alba, Lily Rabe, Aleksa Palladino, Reid Scott, Thomas Jane

I found this film interesting and upon keeping my interest it escalated the suspense into a creepy paranormal thriller. Twenty-Five years ago, a cult called Heavens Veil committed a mass suicide under the direction of its leader, Jim Jacobs. Now, all these years later, a documentary film crew meet with the only surviving member of the cult, a small girl at the time, now a woman, to return toThe-Veil poster the camp where it all happened.

From viewing old news footage, the documentary director, Maggie (Jessica Alba), knows the cult camp had many cameras recording everything that happened on the grounds. She’s hoping that Sarah (Lily Rabe), will regain some memories and help lead the film crew to the collection of surveillance tapes. However, when the film crew sets camp at the compound, more than memories return and they are thrust into a world of paranormal horrors. Thomas Jane plays an excellent part as Jim Jacobs, the cult leader that believes his people can rise form the dead. You won’t even recognize him in this part. I have to tell you, the more he speaks in this film, the more I believe him…and that’s what makes cults scary.

The only real drawback of the film is, why would the FBI leave all this reel footage and video at the compound? It wasn’t hard to find. It’s a big pill to swallow, but if you can see past that aspect, it’s a good flick. In the end this is actually more interesting than scary. What would you call that type of film? It feels inspired by the People’s Temple/ Jonestown suicide cult of the 1970s (with leader Jim Jones) and a little of the Heaven’s Gate cult of the 90’s.

A well-written, smart, psychological and paranormal thriller that works on many levels.
I give it 3.5 creepy cult leader conspiracies out of 5 on the dystopian commune killers scale.

The Veil (2016) - pic 5

The Veil Trailer:


Trivia: If this feels like a found footage film that is because it was originally intended to be an FF film. The script was later changed to a standard film because of the overabundance of FF films on the market.

Jonestown and Jim Jones:


Official release date for ‘Skin Job’

Sex, Drugs, Tattoos and Mad Monster Violence!



Skin Job – by Michael Thomas-Knight

I have an official release date for my novelette, Skin Job, part of the ‘Car Nex’ series of books published by Terry M. West and Pleasant Storm Entertainment.

June 17th, 2016

The amazon page is up and if you’re interested you can pre-order the story for 99 cents. (pre-order sale price)

skin job cover art darker

Skin Job
A NY tattoo artist in a failing business conjures a demon to destroy a rival tattoo artist, unaware of the price he will have to pay for his deed.

Car Nex is a demon created by Terry M West in his book, What Price Gory. In subsequent years, authors have submitted their stories involving the Car Nex (Carnivore form the Nexus), creating a larger universe and mythos pertaining to the creature. Each story stands on its own and reading the other stories is not required to understand the separate tales.

Skin Job is my contribution to the larger mythos of the Car Nex series

Skin Job for kindle:



Horror Movie Poster art – Postcard Collection- Part III

movie poster art - collection - 80s - current 1b

Horror Movie Poster art – Postcard Collection- Part III


postcard sized replications of all the famous classic films I loved – modern films and Bond
Got Rodriguez and Burton, and a few other fun films:
And I got my James Bond collection