Dinosaur and Giant Monsters in TV commercials – part 2

More of my favorite dinosaur and giant monsters in TV advertisements and commercials.  These are a lot of fun and some are hilarious!  :D


Chewits 2 1980s


Drink Milk Canada


Godzilla like teenage creature in Thialand Gasoline commercial


Bembos hamburger commercial


Nike commercial w/ Charles Barkley


King Kong Vespa


What’s in a Name? What’s in a Title?

corregio painting

On Writing:

What’s in a Name? What’s in a title?

What’s with horror authors and their mundane, cliché and overused titles for their stories and books?

If you want horror readers to read your stories, you should check out this post at the LastWrites Blog from Dark Moon Digest:

What’s In a Title?no title book for blog

Come read my book, The Shadowed Blackness, Tales of Dark Horror, The Dark and Stormy Night, The Darkest Dark Shadow in the Blackest of Night

gloomios cereal


Dinosaur and Giant Monsters in TV commercials – part 1

Check out my favorite dinosaur and giant monsters in TV advertisements and commercials. I have more so I decided to break this into a few (or at least two) posts. These are a lot of fun and some are hilarious!  :D

Dairylea Dunkeys Dino commercial – production overseen by Ray Harryhausen


King Kong Volkswagon commercial – animated by David Allen


Godzilla Snickers Commercial


Godzilla Fiat Commercial


Chewits 1 1950’s Sci-Fi style – created by John Clive and Ian Whapshot


King Kong Twizzlers ad

Damsels in distress – Part III – magazine and comics

This post takes a look at Damsels in Distress as depicted on Sci-fi & Horror pulp magazines, horror comics and a few Book Covers (and a few loose illustrations, too!)



Comics and misc:



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Parlor seance image

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Aurora Prehistoric Scenes style Iguanodon Model

Iguanodon sculpt by Mike K pic 2

This is my Neave Parker/Burian style Iguanodon. Parker and Burian did artwork of what the Iguanodon may look like in the early 1900s. They only had a few bones to work with and conferred with other scientists about how the creature might look. Today the Iguanodon looks much different as more complete fossils were found in subsequent years. They are primarily quadrupeds and don’t have that broad neck design.

Iguanodon by Mike K - sculpt in progress

Ok, this is not a marketed model kit – it is a sculpt I made from plastic forming clay to add to my Aurora Prehistoric Scenes kits. I used the Lindberg Corythosaurus figure (minus the head) to start the modeling from, completely covering the entire body with clay to be molded.

Iguanodon by Mike K - giving the Fonzy thumbs up

I made the base out of clay and plaster. It is shaped to lock-in with my custom Allosaurus base.

iggy by Mike K - 2

I made two Compsognathus (Compys) for the background and the Archaeopteryx on the branch in the foreground is from the Tamiya Mesozoic Creatures model kit collection. I know this mixes time periods but so does the whole PS Line of model kits.

I added some palm trees, plants, broken tree limbs and rock outcrops to complete the scene.