Tirano’s Claw (1994) – movie review

Rare and Obscure Dinosaur films

Tiranos Claw 1994 - pic 3

Tirano’s Claw (1994)
aka: Dinosaurs vs Cavemen

Tirano’s Claw is a South Korean film about caveman life with no dialogue, much like One Million BC. When one caveman’s love interest is about to be sacrificed to the tribes God, a huge tiranos claw 1994 - posterTyrannosaurus, he risks his life to save her, getting them both banished from the tribe. They battle a Pachycephalosaurus, a giant man-eating rat, and their fellow tribesmen as they fight for survival. There’s some nasty and grotesque scenes depicting the savagery of prehistoric life. The worst part is watching them eat. Despite its sometimes sub-par special FX it’s somewhat engaging as you root for the young couple to escape the clans relentless, and often silly/comical pursuit to bring them back to the sacrifice stone.

As far as dinosaurs are concerned, there’s a very rubber looking, man in a suit Pachycephalosaurus (slightly more realistic than Barney the purple dinosaur), a man-in-suit Pteronodon and a large animatronic Triceratops. However, the star of the show is a full-sized Tyrannosaurus, mechanical/animatronic dinosaur. I can imagine that this ungainly monstrous contraption most likely killed or maimed some of the stuntman making the film. Tirano’s Claw might only be enjoyable for Dinosaur completists, but I found it entertaining. For a long time it was very difficult to get your hands on a copy, but now you can watch the whole film on YouTube. see link(s) below.

Tiranos Claw 1994 - pic 24c


Valley of the Dragons (1961) – movie review

Rare and Obscure Dinosaur films
valley of the dragons - pic 7

Valley of the Dragons (1961)Creature Features logo

directed by Edward Bernds 

Cesare Danova
Sean McClory
Joan Staley
Danielle De Metz
valley of the dragons 1961 dvd

Here we have a dinosaur film that did not shoot one frame of dinosaur footage for its own production. Every scene of dinosaur and prehistoric beast was reused footage from films that have come before, most notably, One Million BC (1940). The production got fairly creative with this, going as far as filming the characters (new footage) in the foreground over the reused footage in the background. They even use b&w footage of Rodan to stand in as a pterodactyl. The premise of the film is far-fetched. Two men about to have a gun duel are swept up by a comet colliding with earth. They find the comet has earth’s prehistoric life still living as it had been a million years ago. The men are attacked by a parade of lizards and reptiles posing as dinosaurs including, a skink, a gator, an iguana, a monitor lizard, and a snake. There’s even some armadillo mixed in with some fake mastodons and a mongoose. Well, the two men get separated and each makes friends with a separate tribe of humans. In the end they get the warring tribes to get along, shake hands themselves and make a new life with their respective new cave-girl love interests. One of the big draws to the film, especially for young men, was the underwater swimming scene with star, Joan Staley. This film is not at all important in the history or legacy of dinosaur films. However it is enjoyable in a train wreck, sort of hokey-silly-pseudo-science, way. I just wouldn’t go out of my way to find it.


valley of the dragons - pic 2



valley of the dragons - joan staley gif

a big draw for the film in 1961 was this scene…huba, huba!

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Wacky Packages – parody sticker collectables – nostalgia

wacky packages creature crackers

Wacky Packages – parody sticker collectables

Wacky Packages or sometimes called ‘wacky packs’ were a Topps card and bubblegum line consisting of stickers which parodied many of the major brand products on the store shelves. The sticker line came out in 1972 with a highly successful run as kids in the US purchased and collected them for irreverent fun. I was among those collectors and had a good giggle over many of the joke product mock ups. There were some early wacky packs released as cards in the late 60’s but they didn’t sell as well as the stickers. They had a second run of the sticker series in 1980 and then they were recently resurrected in new series from 2004 to today, releasing a small number of stickers each year.

wacky packs 1970s - packages

Check out some of these horror themed packages, many of which I had in my collection when I was a kid.

Warlords of Atlantis (1978) – movie review

 warlords of atlantis 1978 - pic 3

Warlords of Atlantis (1978)

directed by Kevin Connor aka: Warlords of the Deep

Doug McClure
Peter Gilmore
Cyd Charisse
Lea Brody

We follow the underwater expedition of a British crew on the ship, Texas Rose, aiming to explore the deep sea in a diving bell. Attended by the scientist and the technician/creator, the bell lowers thru a deep crevasse where it’s attacked by a sea monster, a plesiosaur, that threatens to rip the vessel apart. The wide shots of this creature are decent but the close ups of this beast revealwarlords of atlantis - poster it to be a bit Muppet-looking. Naturally when they find the secret entrance to Atlantis, the Atlantians aren’t happy. They send a giant Kraken out to attack and bring the whole crew down to the underwater city. The men wash ashore upon an inner-world where they are taken prisoner. The Atlantians plan to enslave them, as they have enslaved seafarers for eons.  There are giant creatures resembling a Glyptodont that periodically attack the Atlantis city and its during one of those attacks that our band of adventurers make their escape.

The film is pure schlock and I can’t help laughing at some of the events and dialogue. Doug McClure is supposed to be American so he mangles his American accent delivering his lines like a Bowery Boy with a bad attitude. Peter Gilmore does a decent job with his part as the scientist, though he’s stiff in the beginning and it takes him most of the film to  warm up to his character. Lea Brody plays the slave girl who helps the crew escape. There are massive sets depicting the city of Atlantis, but clearly the film should have used more of its budget on rehearsing the actors.

The crew are attacked by jumping piranhas during the escape. The first few are choreographed well, but it devolves into a jumbled mess of rubber fish being hurled at the actors. Eventually they get to the end of the river and the diving bell gets flushed down a toilet (that’s what it looks like) and returns to the ship. Sad to say but the best actor in the film is the Giant Octopus. In the finale it attacks the boat delivering a fine action sequence for the monster fan. The monster FX were done be Roger Dicken who had created the dinosaurs for The Land That Time Forgot. This film was the 4th Fantasy adventure film by Connor, the first 3 being Amicus Films.

warlords of atlantis 1978 - promo shot

The film is worth a watch for fans of old style monster flicks and fantasy adventure for its pure schlock and unintended humorous aspects.

don’t forget to scroll over each pic to see my comments, my awkward attempts at humor:) or click on a pic and enter the gallery…

warlords of atlantis - behind the scenes

Rise of the Furkini – Part II – summer fantasy fun


Rise of the Furkini – Part II – summer fantasy fun

I’ve gotten so many great recommendations for add-ons to my original post, I decided to do an additional post on the subject. Thanks to all of you from Vintage Dinosaur Pictures Group, and the Ray Harryhausen Group on Facebook!

one million years bc - pic 27b

Rachel Welch made the Furkini famous in 1967’s epic dinosaur and caveman movie, One Million Years BC. Through the years there have been many variations on the famous wear and plenty of damsels to done the outfit and strut their stuff. Here’s a look at some Furkini, Animal Pattern, and Suede Bikini wearing bathing beauties and warrior women through the years.

martine beswick prehistoric women - pic 1 Linda Harrison pic 1b

Here’s even more…

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Summer Nights – horror culture and fun stuff!

Les Edwards art

Summertime miscellaneous horror culture and fun stuff!


Here’s some great summer reading…

Chad Lutzke – Of Foster Homes and Flies

Dona Fox – Darker Tales from the Den

Chad Lutzke - of foster homes and flies Darker Tales from the Den - Dona Fox


Interview with Clive Barker on Grantland.com

Clive Barker talks about his new book, The Scarlet Gospels, the final stand of Pinhead – who Barker prefers he be called The Hell Priest – and his attempt to restore some dignity and respect to his creation. Read about it here: Clive Barker Interview


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science fiction movies of the 1950s blogathon 02

ok, here’s some pics and thoughts…

dead lady
This pic creeps me out, the more I look at it the more it disturbs me…

eaten by dino news
Yes, this is a real news item in this paper… Weekly World News, gotta’ love it!

Jackie the lion MGM roar aka Lucky
filming the MGM trademark “Lion Roar” with Jackie the Lion…

she moon zombie ass
Her name is Sheri Moon Zombie…we can see why:)



Top Tips for bloggers – From the original Modern Blogger

kirk the first blogger

Top Tips for bloggers

From the universe’s first modern blogger, Captain Kirk

Captain’s Log, Star date ——

Sorry, Capt. Kirk could not make it today, he’s out saving the universe. Much like toilet paper, he’s circling Uranus looking for Klingons.


There’s a few things I’ve learned about blogging. I’m by no means an expert, but I think these are some common sense tips to follow if you’re in the blogging community. Check them out and leave some of your own tips below in the comments…

1) Put a link to your blog on your gravatar page. It is not connected to your blog unless you put the link onto the page yourself. Several times in the past I wanted to visit another bloggers site and clicked on their gravatars. It led me to the gravatar page which had no link to their blog. Now how do I find them? I can’t recall all the names of the several hundred blogs I follow.

2) Blogging is a two-way street. I read a couple of your items, you read a couple of mine. Put a ‘like’ up there to let me know you’ve been there and it reminds me to check out what you’ve been posting lately.

3) Make sure others can comment without having to sign into something different. Some sites ask if you want to sign in with Facebook or Google and I don’t mind that as I already have an account with them. However, if I have to create an account with a service I don’t know, I’m not going to do it and most people won’t either. Disqus sucks! They want to access you friends list, your email list, your other accounts, and they don’t let you finish the sign up unless you agree to all of these demands. They just keep asking questions, questions, questions… I quit before finishing my sign up. There’s no reason they should access my FB friends or personal email list! At least make you blog have the ability to leave a comment with a Facebook sign-in.

4) I know everyone wants to get their own domain name, make the name famous and then sell it for loads of money. However, when you switch to your own domain you run the risk of alienating the blog-friends you’ve already made in the blogging community. Quite often people have to re-follow you in order to see your posts. Sometimes your posts don’t show up in their feed. I don’t know why this happens, but it happens often. Secondly, when people sign into their wordpress or blogger or whatever other blog service they’re using, they should be able to comment and ‘like’ from there without having to sign in again (see item 3). Thirdly, make sure your settings allow people to post comments. There’s a blog I follow that when I try to leave a comment, it tells me ‘my comment appears to be spam.’ I’ve told the moderator about this already, but they insist it’s my problem. I follow 400 blogs, I’ll just go somewhere else. It’s really not my problem at all.

5) I’ve seen it happen over and over, a blog rising in popularity switches to their own domain, has the comments section switched to a form where you have to give tons of info every time you want to comment, and they remove themselves from the community they were in, to pursue a bigger audience. Then a few months later, instead of having 25 likes per post and 20 comments, it has nothing at all. No likes, no comments. They keep posting new posts, but there’s no engagement. Eventually the blog is abandoned. They thought they were going to be the next Rotten Tomatoes, but it didn’t happen. So, before you make changes, make sure your readers are engaged enough to follow you and make it easy for them to keep following you.

6) Have your email on your ‘about’ page or on a ‘contact’ page. There may be reasons other bloggers need to contact you. They may want to invite you to guest post or ask a question away from the public eye. They may want to tell you that your comments don’t work!

Hope you find some of these tips helpful. Leave some comments and tips below:)

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