Robots in Film – A Complete Pictorial History

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With a new Terminator film now out in theaters, I thought it would be a good time to repost my Robots in Film – pictorial history (aka: My big-ass robot list) post. If you have any to add to the list, one’s I may have missed, be sure to let me know…

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Calling All Robots!

Robots in Film – A Complete Pictorial History

*If you want to see my top 10, click here:Top 10 Robots in film and TV

1900 to 1960’s

1960’s to 1980’s:

1980’s to present:

The BIG list of film and TV robots:

(more or less in alphabetical order)

Ash from Alien

Astro Boy (anime – Japan)

The Astro-Creeps (unnamed robot w/Bela Lugosi 1940)

Alfie – Barbarella

Bishop from Aliens

BOX in Logan’s Run

Blade Runner – Roy & Rachel

B9 – Lost in Space – Robot B-9

Cylon from Battlestar Galactica

Chani – in The Devil Girl from Mars

The Colossus of New York

CP3O from some obscure sci-fi film ;)

Data from Star Trek: Next Generation

DV8 – from Crash & Burn

Destroyer from Thor

Ed209 and Robocop from RoboCop I & II

Fembots in Austin Powers and Dr. Goldfoot films &
TV shows The…

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Horror Art – William Mortensen

 William Mortensen - pic 7

The Fantastic Photography-art of William Mortensen

William Mortensen – photographer/artist (1897 – 1965)

There’s some artistic nudity on this page. If you feel you would be offended, click off this page now.

William Mortensen started his photographic career in Hollywood taking portraits of famous actors, including; Rudolph Valentino, Lon Chaney, Jean Harlow, Peter Lorre. He was also responsible for bringing Fay Wray to Hollywood and introducing her to important people. He worked on films with Cecil B. DeMille, Todd Browning and Lon Chaney as William Mortensen - pic 8decorator and designer. He soon developed a photographic style that involved manipulation of photos to resemble Romanticist artwork. What resulted were art pieces that seemed to be photographs.

Inspired by Goya and Bosch he moved into the subject matter of the gothic and grotesque in a collection called, A Pictorial Compendium of Witchcraft. The images were primal, sexual, and violent, often depicting torture and death. Photographic purists, Ansel Adams, Larry Lytle and the photo group F/64 referred to him as the anti-Christ and the Devil. They sought to discredit him as a photographer and obliterate his name and work from photographic history.

His ability to capture the beauty of the female body and bring attention to the grotesque treatment of women in history leaves a statement that holds sentiment to this day. The contrast William Mortensen - pic 6of beauty and ugly seemed to drive his work to new heights of creativity. His techniques of manipulating photos were studied even by his enemies and are standard practices today. There isn’t a photo published in modern times that hasn’t been modified in Photoshop or some other photo manipulation program. Filters, forced exposures and collage techniques common to today’s programs were being used by Mortensen at the beginning of the 20th century. It is only recently that his work has been receiving a second look and is being appreciated by the art and photographic institutions.

Explore more of Mortensen’s work in books: American Grotesque and Monsters and Madonnas 

William Mortensen - pic 4

William Mortensen - pic 14

Aurora Prehistoric Scenes – Allosaurus (w/original base) – model kit

 Aurora Allosaurus pic 1

Aurora Prehistoric Scenes – Allosaurus (w/original base)

This is my original Allosaurus by Aurora. When I say ‘original‘ I mean there are no modifications made to the kit or base. However, it is actually a combination of original released Aurora parts and re-released Revell Allosaurus parts, plus half the base was the recast from Prehistorix.

So, it is original in look and spirit but not all original Aurora parts.

The Allosaurus base was only produced for one year (I’m thinking it was 1971) then the kit was sold without a base for many years from Aurora and re-issued for many years through Revell without a base.

I’d like to thank the guys from Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Historical Society for helping me find missing parts to complete the kit and save it from the trash heap.

Also, I’d like to mention, this guy has been snubbed by the Jurassic Park franchise for too long, what’s the story?


VHS Viral (2014) – movie review

 VHS Viral 2014 pic 4

VHS Viral (2014)

This is the third film in the series. The wrap around story is a weird one. A guy, teasing his girl with his constant video taping sees a news event unfolding in his neighborhood. He follows the ice cream truck the police are chasing on his bicycle, while witnessing strange events. The segment has so many jump cuts, bad edits and taping overlaps that it is difficult to follow.

Despite this frantically edited style, the first story with the magician and his cape is quite good. It’s documentary style follows Dante, a magician, who gets his powers from a mysterious cape. After this first story we are back in the wrap around story. The guy’s girlfriend is taken by the ice cream truck.VHS Viral 2014

In the second story, a guy creates a portal to an alternate universe. There he finds a nasty wicked version of himself. The alternative world is like his own but mirrored in hell. It is freaky for sure. Back to the bicycle chase, some more weird stuff happens.

The next segment concerns a trio of skateboarders with Go-Pro cameras. They are hanging ten at a cement canal that used to be a river before it dried up. They come across some words and symbols written on the concrete. One of them falls and accidentally spills blood in a ritual circle. That’s when all hell breaks loose. The young punks fight off a bunch of cult members with their skateboards. They rise from the dead and the young punks have to fight them again. I find this one VHS Viral 2014 pic 7quite amusing as the punks bash skulls with their skateboards. But the twists and turns of the Go-Pro cameras can make you dizzy.

The end brings all the segments full circle as the chase scene ends in ‘the river’ and the ice cream truck is found to contain multiple monitors playing back the violent video segments. There’s some tie-in that seems to say the quest for a viral video has consumed everyone’s life and thus allowed evil to take over?? I don’t know, it wasn’t exactly clear to me.

The problem with VHS Viral is it contains the most annoying edits, cuts and jumps to be found in a ff film. Most newer ff films have dispensed with this gimmicky style and just try to tell a story. As I said before, even an amateur with an I-phone knows to keep the camera steady. But, if you can get past that, the 3 main stories are decent enough for some cutting edge horror entertainment. i’d say if you liked the first two films, you’ll probably like this one too. I actually liked it better on the second viewing.

Complete immersion in the shaky-cam found footage style detracts from a couple of decent stories. Watch at your own peril.
I give it 2.2 camera angles out of 5 on the violent video found footage scale.


The Truth About Jurassic Park

when dinosaurs ruled the Earth - jurassic-park-

The Truth About Jurassic Park

and the films in the Franchise

Steven Spielberg, in preparation for Jurassic Park, assembled his own group of scientists, paleontologists, engineers and biologists (much like John Hammond) to get an accurate picture of dinosaur life before shooting the first JP film. This provided many great resolutions of theory and conjecture to become accepted knowledge. Dinosaurs could not have dragged their tails like reptiles, dinosaurs were warm blooded and active creatures, dinosaurs moved and acted more like birds than reptiles.

However, for the sake of making a fun Hollywood film some facts were intentionally discarded and overlooked. I don’t personally have a problem with that. No one should be writing a thesis based on the films. I accept that a fictional story will have some wiggle room in order to support the fictitious adventure.

Here are some of the hard science facts:

Most of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park movies were not from the Jurassic Time Period in earth’s history. Most were from the Cretaceous era, 100 million years later.

Velociraptor – in the first film they called the one type of ‘human sized’ dinosaur a velociraptor. They were not velociraptors at all. Velociraptors are only 2- 3 ft. tall, approx. 6 ft in length, about the size of a medium sized dog. The dinosaur portrayed on-screen was a Deinonychus, as it was in the book, which is in the ‘raptor‘ family. Velociraptor just sounds cooler. In the later films they are just called raptors.

Dilophosaurus were actually a much larger creature than portrayed in the first film. There was no indication of a frill or that it spit poison. At 16 ft. long it had no need for such weaponry. It was one of the largest predators of the early Jurassic period.

My cousin is a bird – It is commonly accepted that dinosaurs eventually evolved into birds and were closer in species to birds than today’s reptiles. It is also accepted that many of the later species, especially the carnivores, probably had some feathers in some areas of the body. The films prefer to keep the dinos featherless for continuity with the first film. Also, I’ve heard a lot of war cries from armchair scientists stating, “Dinosaurs Had Feathers!” We are talking about over 200 million years of evolution when they had existed on earth. It is possible and probable that the first raptors and Rex’s didn’t have feathers but the later one’s (100 million years later) had grown them through a process called evolution.

I’m not a CG – The Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park movies are not all CGI. Most of the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park films are real-life animatronics robots, magnificent wonders themselves, created by Stan Winston’s team at his special effects studios. CG was used to enhance the movements and/or fill in pieces when the dinosaurs were fully framed. CG was also used in wide-screen shots to show herds.

jurassic park III spinosaurus


Tyrannosaurus Rex

Dinosaur stars in Jurassic Park (1993):
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Deinonychus (raptors/velociraptors)
Gallimimus (seen in herds)

Dinosaur stars in Jurassic Park: The Lost World (1997):
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Deinonychus (raptors/velociraptors)
Compsognathus (compys)



Parasaurolophus (seen in herds)
Pachycephalosaurus (seen in herds)
Gallimimus (seen in herds)

Dinosaur stars in Jurassic Park III (2001):
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Deinonychus (raptors/velociraptors)
Corythosaurus (seen in herds)
Parasaurolophus (seen in herds)

Jurassic Park t Rex pic 2

Jurassic park T Rex pic 3

Horror Art – Side Show Banners


Side Show Banners

Summer is finally upon us. It’s a time for summer fun: Beaches, Amusement Parks, and Carnivals. Lets celebrate with some vintage sideshow banners. Sideshow banners have become somewhat of a folk art sensation. Collectors look for canvas works by famous banner artists such as Fred Johnson and Glen Davies.

Step right up folks, step right up! Witness with your very own eyes, the astounding mysteries of the world…Alive!

This is the stuff from where nightmares are spawn…


Christopher Lee dies at age 93

christopher_lee1Christopher Lee dies at age 93

Goodbye to an outstanding actor who has left behind a wonderful legacy in the horror genre. Christopher Lee – June 7, 2015

Christopher Lee. The last great actor from the 2nd golden age of horror and beyond. He has been in over 200 films. I’m glad he was able to transcend his heyday and continue to work until quite recently. It seems like he has had a very full life. He proved to be an excellent actor and he brought respect to the horror genre.

Here are some Lee films I have reviewed on PoH:

City of the Dead – 1960
The Skull – 1965
The House That Dripped Blood – 1970
Dr. Terror’s House Of Horrors – 1965

Some of my favorite Lee films:

Horror Express
The Horror of Dracula
Dracula Has Risen from the Grave
Hound of the Baskervilles
The Devil Rides Out
The Man With The Golden Gun
The Curse of Frankenstein
The Whip and The Body