The Walking Dead – season 2 finale

The Walking Dead – season 2 finale –


When Zombies Come Marching Home !

What a spectacular, action-filled season 2 finale to The Walking Dead. The Zombie herd overruns the farm and a zombie bloodbath ensues as every member of the group, fully armed, tries to defend their position. Eventually, they loose to the sheer number of walkers coming at them. All minor characters of the farm group were killed off. I fully expected Hershel to just stand his ground and keep firing ’til he ran out of bullets. Now the group is on the move, once again, but we see the possible (obvious) new destination in the last moments of the finale – a large prison on the horizon. The last three episodes were all riveting as the Holy Sh*t moments stacked up.

Going forward, here are the big questions, for me:

Is Rick turning into Shane, now that Shane is gone? His comment that, this is no longer a democracy, surprised me.

Will Hershel become Dale’s replacement as the moral compass in the group? Or will his bad-ass youth surface, making him a formidable fighter? “when Jesus said the dead will rise, I thought he had something different in mind…” great comment!

Will the caped figure that saved Angela in the woods, (we now know to be a character named, Michonne) be an asset to the group or a new nemesis for Rick to deal with?

And, just one comment, everyone lighten up on Carl, would ya’? He’s a kid and kids are supposed to make mistakes and get into trouble. I think a lot of people forget that they were kids once. He’s a good shot too, saving Rick from zombie Shane.

Anyways, now I have to wait until Sept. for answers. Hope they will put up some mini-webisodes on over the summer.

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