Upcoming horror: Darkchylde

Darkchylde – John Carpenter to direct Darkchylde movie.

This was the last info that you could get on this very interesting project, I hope they are still working on it!

This recent comic book hit (started in 1996) often conveying heavy themes and situations (not recommended for youngsters) is in pre-production for a film version. Although it is listed on IMDB.com, there is very little info available. We do know that John Carpenter is onboard to direct the film and the FX company, WETA Workshop has done a test footage clip for approval by writer/creator, Randy Queen.

This is not your typical super-hero type of comic. Darkchylde follows the life of accursed teen, Ariel Chylde, who’s nightmare creatures become alive and transformed through her body to carry out their evil doings.

8 thoughts on “Upcoming horror: Darkchylde

  1. I’ve been waiting like, forever, for any new developments on this. The footage looks great too. I wonder if it has to do with getting it financed and if Carpenter’s recent track record may be holding things up a bit. I hope that isn’t the problem, “The Ward” never even saw a wide release.

    • Yeah, the Ward was Okay, but it was the same concept as ‘Identity’ which to me is the ultimate movie about schizophrenia. Most of my fave directors (esp. ones that do R-rated films) now have to go to overseas companies to direct because if its not a mega-million $$$ blockbuster, US studios don’t even want to know about it.

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