Vacancy (2007) – movie review

Vacancy (2007)

I wasn’t expecting too much from this film. I picked it up at my local F.Y.E., buy one, get one free, and it sat on my TV cabinet for weeks collecting dust. Last Sunday night, I finally gave it a watch. To my surprise, Vacancy is a tense thriller combining masterful suspense with white-knuckle action. A couple with a strained relationship is driving home late-night from a family event and is forced to pull off the road. With no choice, they check into a seedy, run-down, roadside motel. The motel lobby and the room look like they are straight out of the 1960’s. While Amy (Kate Beckinsale) is fuming about her husband’s short-cut, which led them to this place, David (Luke Wilson) tries to relax, turning on the television. Finding no reception, only static white filling the screen (remember those days?), he eyes a video tape alongside the TV set. He puts it in the VHS player (remember those things?) and the tape seems to be in the middle of a horrific murder scene in some violent exploitation film. On the screen, two masked killers taunt and terrorize a couple as they desperately try to defend themselves. The husband is murdered first as the wife watches in horror. He is about to turn off the film when he notices the murder on the tape has taken place in the very room they are staying in. He fast-forwards the tape and there’s a different murder on the tape, filmed in the same room. What starts as a frightening chiller, escalates into a fast-paced thriller as the two masked killers attack Amy and David. The killers like to torment and create fear by attacking the couple then retreating, leaving the couple in tears and creepy silence, as it is all filmed by hidden cameras. You’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat as the ‘Motel Manager’ and his two henchmen work to produce their newest ‘film’ and the couple fights for their survival.


9 thoughts on “Vacancy (2007) – movie review

  1. I didn’t really care for Wilson and Beckinsale all that much as a couple, but Wahley did a great job as the sinister and very weird hotel manager that he made it a lot of fun to watch. Not all that scary, but still has a decent amount of cheap thrills. Good review.

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