My new Horror fiction published in Infernal Ink Magazine

Michael Thomas-Knight, published in Infernal Ink Magazine
Just in time for Halloween, my latest horror-fiction, short-story, ‘Mother’s Milk’ has been published in the new issue of Infernal Ink Magazine. It’s the October issue with loads of horror fiction, articles and poetry. Discover the tale of a bound and captive young woman in medieval times, saved from her harsh reality by a motherly figure. What will she have to pay, in return for this kindness? The issue is currently available in print, .pdf, and Kindle versions

Infernal Ink Magazine
publishing extremely dark fiction and poetry, favoring pieces with erotic, sexual, or humorous aspects. This magazine contains adult content and themes and is not meant for readers under eighteen years of age.

If you are interested you can order from the following links:
(.pdf version is only $1.80, how can you beat that!)

Infernal Ink Magazine:
October Issue

Print Issue from

PDF Issue from

Kindle Issue from


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12 thoughts on “My new Horror fiction published in Infernal Ink Magazine

    • Thanks bro! More coming, it just takes a while for the publications to come out. I never count my chickens until I can hold ’em in my hands – or before they hatch, somethin’ like that.

  1. Congratulation Michael 🙂
    I wish I can buy the pdf too but I dont have creditcard 😦

    There’s no such magazine here in my country, if there is one, I’d love to send one of mine.

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