The Dangers of Halloween

The Dangers of Halloween

Ah, Halloween! Costumes and Candy, scary movies and masquerade parties, pumpkin carving and rubber masks…
… And let’s not forget; putting yourself and children in spiritual danger, attracting negative energy to your home, inviting malicious spirits into your house.

Welcome to the Dark Side of Halloween!

No one warns you of the hidden dangers of Halloween – the less obvious, malevolent dangers that lurk behind your harmless fun.

Ouija boards – the sales of Ouija boards increase dramatically in the month of October. It is important to get information about not attracting negative entities through the board. Don’t just go about it willy-nilly or hand it to your children and let them go hog-wild in the spiritual domain. In using the Ouija Board, you are giving permission for spirits to enter your body and move your hands and fingers (partial possession). You can read more about the dangers of using Ouija Boards in my previous articles about Ouija Boards.
Graveyard visits – Many like to wander through graveyards just for the Halloween mood and atmosphere. Malevolent spirits are attracted to gravesites because they feed off the misery of tearful relatives during funerals. If you go into a gravesite and provoke spirits to come forth, they may attach themselves to you. Also, any disrespectful behavior can cause angered ghosts to follow you home.

Séances – Asking into the air, “Is there anyone out there?” is like standing in a crowded city with thousands of dollars in your hand and saying, “I dare you to take this money from me.” Some will ignore you, some will show concern for your blatant indiscretion and still others will attack you, conspire against you, or do you harm. Most of the time, someone from your group would have to have some physic ability in order to make contact, but approach this common Halloween activity with care. How often would you invite total strangers into your home?
Dabbling in the Occult for fun – It may seem fun to see if something will actually happen if you try your hand at spells, rituals, and ceremonies, but the truth is; you never know what you may unleash.
Provoking spirits in any of the above mentioned activities will often lead to bad outcomes. You wouldn’t poke a tiger with a stick, would you? The problem is, because you can’t see entities, you don’t know what you are provoking. Just remember, even a mouse can deliver a nasty bite if poked with a stick.

Halloween Decorations – Gravestones on the front lawn, graphic scenes of violence, pentagrams, upside-down crosses and satanic images are all a no, no! According to a psychic medium I recently spoke with, gravestones on your property attract negative energy and spirits to your home. The spirits of murderers and evil men will be attracted to violent images you have portrayed for the holiday (images with bloody knives and death). Combine this with any of the above mentioned Halloween activities and you have a recipe for disaster. There are plenty of Haunted House attractions to visit and to get cheap Halloween scares. Most of these are not in homes and not where people live. Visit them for Halloween fun; don’t make your home a target for dark spirits.

As a general rule – Be respectful of the dead. I know that is not a word we acknowledge these days; politicians don’t respect each other, their office or their constituents – companies don’t respect their customers – people don’t respect the elderly – no one respects others in traffic, supermarkets or ball games – children don’t respect their parents – people don’t respect other’s religious or social beliefs – Why should anyone respect the dead? Because you can’t put a restraining order on a ghost! That’s why! Once you’ve angered a spirit, there is no telling what could happen. They are not bound by the same laws, physics and ideals that we are.

Whether you believe in these things or not is not important. Quite often it is the people that don’t believe that make the biggest blunders and have problems because of them. Most of the time it is not like the movies, where there is instant and violent poltergeist activity. It may take an angered spirit months, even years to build enough strength to do you harm. So be careful. And be aware of The Dark Side of Halloween.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

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