Back from Hurricane, Twilight Zone

Hey everyone, finally got power after 15 days of darkness (Oct. 29 – Nov. 12). I was living the life of the 1800’s. Between Hurricane Sandy and a few days later, the snow storm and severe drop in temperature, I spent most of my days collecting firewood for the fireplace, just so my family and I wouldn’t freeze to death. It was quite an experience and lesson in survival. There is so much we take for granted… I didn’t know who was elected president for 2 days. We had to get the food we were going to eat for the day, everyday (the rest had to be thrown out – no fridge). Maintaining a fire is a full time occupation – I don’t know how the colonialists did it during the harsh winters. Anyway, I have a lot of work to do around here to get my life back in order – so It will take me a week or so before I start posting and reading blogs. I may post some pics that I had taken during the days just followng the storm.

3 thoughts on “Back from Hurricane, Twilight Zone

  1. We were lucky to have a generator to keep the fridge running but yes, it’s amazing the things you take for granted. I went to a friend’s after 4 days because my dog was starting to get sick (they had power back already) and I kept walking into rooms and not turning on lights – she had to remind me that I could actually do that. Let me know if you need anything!

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