Hurricane Sandy – Long Island, NY – a local view

Pics from Hurricane Sandy, Long Island, NY

We don’t live on the water so damage was limited to fallen trees. Sandy made landfall on Oct. 29th and we had no power for 15 days following. The eye of the storm fell upon NJ, which was the hardest hit area. Here are some pics of my neighborhood the day after:

Trees uprooted, fell on houses and blocked streets.


No traffic lights, that’s okay, Long Island is closed today!

LIPA urged its customers to go to thier website to see the progress they were making in restoring power. How were we supposed to do this when we had NO POWER!!!? A few days later we went to a local shelter that had WiFi. As you can see by the map, not much progress has been made. (circles and triangles indicate outages – pretty much all of Long Island)

The one area that shows no outages, circled on the left, is known as The Pine Barrens. There are no homes there, only woods.


Fire was the only way to keep warm. We have no pics of the snow storm a few days later because our cameras and phones had no charge.

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