The Ghostmaker (2011) – movie review

The Ghostmaker (2011)
Lions Gate Films

College student, Kyle, hauling garbage to make some extra cash, comes across a coffin with a complex mechanism inside it. Some research reveals that this “Box of Shadows” machine was built by occultist and Satanist, Wolfgang Von Tristen, known to the world as the evil opposite of Leonardo Da Vinci in his time.  Kyle, along with roommate, Sutton and college friend, Platt, begin experiments and soon realize the Box of Shadows allows a person to be dead for a short period of time and have an outer-body experience, basically becoming a ghost. Cursed by curiosity, they take longer and longer journeys into death’s domain and begin to act out evil deeds upon the living while in these ghostly states. They have also brought back something from beyond, death himself.

The first few times you see the shadowy death figure are chilling. However, I think the film revealed too much of this character, too quickly. It could have been scarier if this death figure lingered in dark shadows longer and hunted them down more stealthily. The ghostly death image is well-crafted digitally and becomes interesting visually, but ultimately less scary as the film progresses. What’s left is a film with a good story and plot – a love triangle and a fight with addiction – which is not bad but a little light in the scare quotient for the discerning horror fan. Good for a casual one-time viewing.


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