Christmas Horror – Christmas entertainment for the horror fan

Christmas Horror – Christmas entertainment for the horror fan
This Year’s Recommendations:

Tales from the crypt coverTales From The Crypt (1972) ‘…And All Through the House’
As far as I can tell, this was the first time a killer donned a Santa outfit to commit murders in film. In the first of five short stories, adapted from the EC Comics to make this anthology, Joanne (Joan Collins) kills her husband on Christmas Eve.  When she herself is stalked by a deranged killer who escaped from a nearby mental institution, she can’t call the police. It’s a race against time to clean up the mess she has made while trying to avoid becoming a mess herself. This was remade in the Tales From The Crypt series (HBO) but I still like this film version better.

black christmas 1974 coverBlack Christmas (1974)
Make sure you get the 1974 version directed by Bob Clark, (yes, the same guy that directed ‘A Christmas Story’). When half the campus students go home for the holidays, the remaining students are picked off, one by one, in this disturbing horror-thriller. Creepy phone calls, one eye peeking at the girls from doorways, nasty whispers in the dark, and a lot of killing; perfect for the holiday! Avoid the remake like last year’s fruit-cake – it will not only bore you to tears, but it will ruin all the good scenes that are done so well in the original.

ginger dead man coverThe Gingerdead Man (2005)
Gary Busey is a killer who comes back as a gingerbread man to exact his revenge against his accusers. He cusses and swears and slashes his way through the cast of terrible actors in this film like a redneck, Pillsbury Dough Boy, gone wild. A bunch of obvious one-liners from Busey’s gingerdead man pepper this flick with comedic joy. You’ll either laugh or be angered at this worse-than-bad, cheesy flick! Did I mention Gary Busey plays the Gingerbread man? Nuff said!

Dont open till christmas coverDon’t Open Till Christmas (1984)
If you need something to counter the never ending month of merriment, this will do the trick. Instead of a guy dressed as Santa going around and killing people, this guy goes around killing anyone who is dressed up like Santa. He stalks seedy neighborhoods through London, slashing Santas, and making a bloody mess of the holiday. And, yes, this is the infamous “Santa castrated at the urinal” movie! Not a great flick, but amusing for the number of ways the red-suits are knocked off.

Read or watch:
tales - yattering The Yattering and Jack – Tales From the Dark Side (season 4, episode 7)
Although TFTDS does a decent job with this Clive Barker tale, the Yattering is portrayed by a ‘little people’ with horns – not the imagery I had in mind when I had originally read the story in ‘Books of Blood’. I would recommend the original story or the graphic novel over this episode, but either way, this is a definitive Christmas horror story.


Tales from the crypt 3 Tales from the crypt pic 4Tales from the crypt pic 2

black christmas 1974 pic 3 black christmas 1974 pic 2 black christmas 1974 pic 1

gingerdead man pic 4 gingerdead man pic 2 gingerdead man pic 3

dont-open-till-christmas pic 1 dont-open-till-christmas pic 3 dont-open-till-christmas pic 2

Yattering - Graphic Novel Cover yattering & jack

11 thoughts on “Christmas Horror – Christmas entertainment for the horror fan

  1. They showed the Tales from the Crypt movie to my entire school when I was in 7th grade.The movie was about ten years old then. It had me glued and this was favorite segment.

  2. Wow. There’s a few there I didn’t have on my list! I plan on wattching one scary Christmas movie each night starting tonight. Watching Black Christmas (1974) tonight and then the 2006 version.

      • Thanks so much! I need to do a blogroll. I grab buttons but didn’t see one for your blog. I don’t have one myself. Maybe I should make a New Years resolution to do all the things I need to for my blog! I’m honored for the mention:)

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