End of the Line (2007) – movie review

end of the line cover 2End of the Line (2007)
Anyone that lives in, or, near a big city will find this scenario familiar. You’re on the subway, late at night, all is relatively quiet, and suddenly, some nut jumps up from their seat yelling about the end of the world, judgment day, and Armageddon! Sound familiar? Well, suppose its a dozen people that stand up, they have knives, and they are all part of the same murder/suicide cult? They are convinced that by killing you and everyone else, they are actually saving your souls from the fires of hell – judgment day – that will befall earth in a matter of hours. In this movie, a small band of survivors escape the seized trains and regroup in the darkened subway tunnels. Now, they must battle a bevy of religious fanatics as they struggle to reach street level in the city. But, what will they find when they get there? For a small budget movie by an indie writer/director/producer (Maurice Devereaux), this is a very good horror movie. The high paced action is peppered with authentic dialogue about judgment day, religion and cults. It is a well-written and executed film. You will either love or hate the ambiguous ending which lets you decide for yourself, the final outcome of the movie. Personally, I liked it.
end of the line pic 1  end of the line pic 2 end of the line pic 3

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