The Apparition (2012) – movie review

apparition 2012The Apparition (2012)

How did I miss this release? The box alludes to a modern ghost tale with fast-paced digi-fx, good scares and thrills. It starts out well enough; footage of a 1973 parapsychology experiment – a séance in order to prove the existence of the spirit world. Then we move to ‘today’, the same experiment with sophisticated equipment to capture proof of the existence ghosts – but this time something goes wrong. Something goes wrong with this movie, too! Ben (who was involved with the latest experiment) and Kelly move into a new home – wait a second… they already had a reason for ghosts to be haunting them, why would they use the tired cliché of moving into a new house as the starting point of this haunt? But that’s not the only cliché in this wholly unoriginal movie. We have black growths on the walls, ala, Pulse, we have open doors in the middle of the night, ala, Grave Dancers, we have plants dying within hours of being brought into the home – as in every haunted house flick since Burnt Offerings, we have dead-gray hands coming out of nowhere to grab Kelly – as in The Grudge, we have an angry ghost coming out of a washing machine – once again like Pulse, and, we have the ‘scary’ crawl to investigate under the crawlspace of the house. There doesn’t seem to be one original concept, visual, or new idea in this whole film. Add to that, all these scenes are filmed in a way that lacks any build of suspense, chills or tension. I can only think that the film maker was out of his genre in making this film and knows little about horror movies. Maybe he thought if he just copied what every other movie had done it would make for a good flick. He thought wrong. On top of that, there was no chemistry between Ben and Kelly that would make me feel like they were a couple – the dialogue was bland and uninteresting. I think I’ve hit upon the two words that describe this movie, bland and uninteresting. It’s a bunch of bland scenes done far better in the films they were lifted from. (Also copied in an uninteresting way: moving furniture from The Exorcist, melding people with walls from The Philadelphia Experiment, sleeping in a tent from The Sixth Sense.) Stay away from the Apparition.

apparition pic 4 apparition pic 2 k

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