Horror Art – Creepy & Eerie magazines – cover art

Creepy & Eerie magazines – cover art

Here is some fantastic art featured on Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella magazines , plus, some other magazines from the late 1960’s and 1970’s. These magazines featured illustrated stories but they were considered newsstand publications. Therefore, they could bypass the Comics Code Authority and involve more adult oriented themes. Creepy started publishing in 1964, Eerie in 1966 and Vampirella in 1969 by Warren Publishing.

(click on any cover for a larger view)
creepy pic 2 Creepy Pic 1 creepy pic 3
Creepy pic 5 creepy pic 6 eeriev6

eerie pic 3 Eerie pic 1 eerie pic 2
eerie pic 4 Eerie pic 7  eerie pic 5

It is said that Forest Ackerman (Famous Monsters) had a hand in creating Vampirella, along with costume designer Trina Robbins.

vampirella pic 6 vampirella pic 3 vampirella pic 4
Vampirella pic 1 vampirella pic 2 vampirella pic 5

And here are some other Illustrated titles from that time period:

scream pic 2 scream
Nightmare bw comic weird tales illustarated 5

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