New Horror releases

Here are a few indie horror films that I’ve been getting some emails about. If you are so inclined, check them out, support the ones you are interested in, perhaps find a diamond in the rough. Following that are a couple of book releases.


Indie Films:                                        Books:
Lord of Tears cover familiar devilbat cover

Lord of Tears – British indie film in the vein of The Innocents and The Wickerman crossed with Lovecraft style myth and legend, It features an Owl-headed spirit. Written and Directed by Lawrie Brewster – The Kickstarter below includes our trailer, and a video in which I describe more about the film:

In Fear of – web series
A series of shorts based on people’s phobias.

Familiar – short film by Zach Green – features some impressive make-up effects.


Book releases:

“Sherlock Holmes , The Army of Dr Moreau” by Guy Adams
An original adventure following the famous detective and his trusty assistant Doctor Watson.

“Devil Bat Diary, The Journal of Johnny Layton” by Peter H. Brothers
Inspired by the famous 1940 Bela Lugosi film, tells the “true” story of what really happened to the unhappy citizens of Heathville, Illinois, during that terrible prewar summer.

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