The Walking Dead – The Return of Morgan!

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 12, “Clear”

walking dead MorganThe Return of Morgan!

OK, this had to be, hands down, the best episode in season 3 of The Walking Dead. Not only did Rick, Carl and Michone find Morgan – the guy who helped Rick get on his feet in the first few episodes, but the show offered something that had been missing the whole season.

In season three, The Walking Dead has turned into an action show. In this episode, the show returned to something it hadn’t had in a long time, intimacy and horror. The show had always been about small stories, one-on-one fears and conflicts within a group. The isolation of the small ’ghost’ town also enabled a bit of that insecurity and fear back into the show.

And then, as the show came to a close, the icing on the cake…. Did you notice?

The shows end was clearly an homage to The Last Man on Earth. In that film, at the end of every day, the character, Morgan (Vincent Price) would burn the bodies of the dead zombies. This episode clearly ended the way it did to pay tribute to one of the earliest zombie apocalypse films.

10 thoughts on “The Walking Dead – The Return of Morgan!

  1. So glad this episode happened because it showed just how down-to-Earth this show could be, even if it most likely won’t stay forever. Nice analysis.

  2. I recognized the tribute to The Last Man on Earth!
    Also was excited to see what happened to Morgan and his son. Sad and emotional scenes.
    Loved that Michone finally showed a crack in her armor too. It may just keep her alive.
    Worried about Carl though. He is too cold and business like for my taste. He could go either way as he matures.
    Also loved the backpack scene!

  3. Morgan was bound to show up again. Like in the books. This issue was amazing and good job giving this ep it’s props. Lennie James should get an Emmy nom. He knocked it out of the park here.

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