The Following and filming location pics

the-following-pic 1

The Following and On Location pics

Don’t know if anyone has been watching, The Following, but I finally caught up with the season finale which originally aired Mon. 4/28/13

The Following is an FBI serial-killer, crime drama, starring Kevin Bacon as Ryan Hardy, the down and out agent, called back to duty, in order to recapture convicted serial killer Joe Caroll. The escaped killer has a penchant for Poe, and is writing a book about the true-life crime-drama that he is creating, while taunting the FBI.

It captured my interest early on and was interesting enough to keep me watching. To my surprise, all of the outside scenes of the season finale were filmed at The Fire Island Lighthouse, which is close to where I live. It was one of those, Oh, My God! I know where that is…, moments.

So I thought I would share some pics from my family outing a while back – our last visit to the light house.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you see a location in a movie or show that is in your neighborhood or surrounding areas?

7 thoughts on “The Following and filming location pics

  1. The comedy Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray, is supposedly set in Pennsylvania — but it was filmed in a small town in Illinois a few miles from my hometown. I knew about that before seeing the movie, so my experience wasn’t quite the same as yours.

    But it’s still pretty neat to see streets that I walked as a kid appear in a big-deal movie.

    I hadn’t heard of The Following, but I’m now interested. Is it good enough to buy the DVDs?

    • The Following was on Fox (broadcast channel, not cable) and the season just ended so I don’t think there would be dvds yet. There’s a good chance they may repeat the 13 episodes before the next season starts, or they may have it ‘on-demand’.

  2. I had wondered the same thing! My wife and I were like: “Where is that lighthouse?” I even googled the lighthouse and found it. Glad you posted this. The Following finale was insane! My jaw hit the floor, man.

    • Yeah, definitely liked the show. I don’t watch too many modern tv series but this one was interesting and exciting. .I couldn’t believe Claire kept stabbing Joe in the last few episodes, didn’t think he’d make it much longer. The only loose end is Emma… next season.

      • Yeah, I’m interested in seeing how everything pans out next season especially with Emma and as far as Joe I thought he’d at least pass out a few times from blood loss alone.

  3. Very cool that they filmed on good old Long Island! I always get a kick out of seeing locations that I am familiar with, having been born and raised in Nassau County; it is a treat to see places that I know, especially now that I am living in Florida.

    • Where the old Grumman plant used to be in Bethpage they built a full, massive Hollywood style studio with filming lots, sound stages and all. They were filming part of the new Amazing Spider Man there a month ago, rebuilt a whole street scene from NYC, (43rd street or something) and blew it up!

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