The Occupant (2011) – movie review

The Occupant (2011)

the occupant posterI enjoyed this for the one time watch but wouldn’t purchase it for repeated views. That doesn‘t mean it‘s a bad movie, I actually enjoyed it. A young man, Danny Hill, has a chance to assume his grandmother’s rent controlled apartment in NYC ($600 a month!), shortly after she passes away. His lawyer tells him not to leave the apartment, under any circumstance, until the court order goes through. With help from the weird doorman, Joe, he’s holed up in the apartment as strange events begin to take place. Lights wink on and off at odd hours, personal belongings go missing, the walls make noise, his cat goes missing. All this convinces Danny that someone is entering the place while he sleeps and is screwing with his head. But who is it? The Landlord? The strange doorman? His lawyer? His ‘love interest’ that he hasn’t seen for days? It’s a real who dun it and kept me guessing right ‘til the end.

Bottom line: See it, but don’t buy it.

the occupant pic 2 the occupant pic 1 the occupant pic 3 occupant joe doorman

6 thoughts on “The Occupant (2011) – movie review

  1. Great post, might have to check this one out 🙂 sounds a little like Sleep Tight, a Spanish horror/thriller type film. If you’ve not seen it, I definitely recommend it! 😀

  2. I agree, it’s good for a one-time thing, but it’s not mind-blowing. I especially liked all the traps he started making.

  3. I started this movie! I don’t remember ever finishing it though. I’ll try to finish it soon. I’ll check my queue to see if it’s still in there. Thanks!

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