Horror Art – Magnificent Book Covers

rowena artwork 2 Black-Book-(reduced-size) Lucifer Society

Horror Art – Magnificent Book Covers

Michael Whelan “Lovecraft’s Nightmare Part 1 and 2” paintings became numerous covers to Lovecraft collections.

Aeron Alfrey creates unique imagery inspired by the macabre, grotesque and monstrous, infecting the covers of many Thomas Ligotti books.

Rowena has her artwork gracing the covers of many books from sci-fi, to swords and sorcery, to horror. Here are a few examples.

The 1980’s Stephen King covers had simple but effective design. I got used to seeing the silver and red, author and title.

And following those are some of my Clive Barker faves.

Frank Frazetta – I was quite disappointed when I learned the Frank Frazetta Museum in PA had closed. I always wanted to visit one day. Below, the first three are some samples of Frazetta book covers.

Boris Vallejo – It is easy for me to say that it was the Boris cover art (along with Frazetta) that first got me to read books by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard.

And here are the last of assorted book covers that catch my eye:

10 thoughts on “Horror Art – Magnificent Book Covers

    • I think I bought that book when I was a young teen, based on the cover cover art, but the read was beyond my comprehension at the time. I’d like to get it again – give it another try 🙂

  1. This is wild. I just picked up The Dreaming Jewels from my used book store this past weekend. The cover grabbed me!
    I’ll check my books and send you some more covers!

  2. I have always loved Whelan’s Lovecraft stuff, he really captures the malevolence of Lovecraft’s adversaries and overall atmosphere incredibly well (much better than most filmmakers, no doubt, haha). I suppose my adoration for his Lovecraft work is obvious since it’s what I choose for my avatar image when I started my blog, heh.

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