Aurora – Godzilla – Model Kit w/conversion

Aurora Godzilla 3
Godzilla – Aurora / Polar Lights Model Kit

With Cult of Personality Replacement Head

This is my Godzilla model-kit which I completed in June, 2013.

I painted it the standard Godzilla-gray (2 shades of gray, off white and black). I built a base and background for the kit display.  I used the Cult of Personality conversion/custom head, which I further customized by leaving out the train car (it would be in the mouth) and doing a little sculpting around the mouth to even out the face.

I picked out photos from the internet for the background. I liked this skyline, because of its open spaces and contrast. I later discovered it is Chicago. So… Big-G invades Chicago!
Aurora Godzilla 5 Aurora Godzilla 4

Aurora Godzilla 7  Aurora Godzilla 8

godzilla model g replacement head
Aurora Godzilla

7 thoughts on “Aurora – Godzilla – Model Kit w/conversion

    • lol, thanks! It might seem weird, at my age, doing model kits, but it relaxes me and gives me a sense of accomplishment 🙂

      “There’s nothing like success to buoy the spirits…”
      – Ambrose Bierce

  1. Dude, this ROCKS! And it’s not weird to do model kits at any age (I guess doing them under age 5 would be weird, but you get the idea). It’s GROOVY! You should see the Ed “Big Daddy” Roth “Weird-Ohs” my husband does. Maybe I’ll take them up as a hobby. Anyway, you did an amazing job. Also, thanks for following Horror Boom, it means a lot to me.

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