The Forgotten (2004) – movie review

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the-forgotten-originalThe Forgotten (2004)

Julianne Moore is a Mom distraught over the disappearance of her nine-year-old son. She sees a psychiatrist regularly to help cope and to navigate the strained relationship with her husband, Jim. It is not long before she accuses Jim of removing all evidence of her son from the home and even erasing video tapes. The husband and her psychiatrist attempt to explain to her that, she never had a son and that she had been emotionally unbalanced by a late term miscarriage. Unable to accept this reasoning, she sets out to find proof of her son’s existence, but the more she searches, the less she finds. She is distressed by her lack of findings until she gets the idea of another possibility; a conspiracy that involves government cover-ups and alien visitations. Has she suffered a psychotic breakdown or is she the only person in the city with her eyes open? With help from a neighbor, she has to hunt down clues to her theory while avoiding capture by two federal agents that show up on the scene.

This is less about the alien encounter and is more about government cover-ups, conspiracies, and the spiritual connection of a mother and her child. This is a well-made and interesting movie but not all that scary. There is a lot of running and a lot of talking. It’s like Julianne Moore running a marathon. She’s running through NYC, she’s running through Queens, she’s running around Long Island. I know some of you are not going to like this film. However, I would consider it a psychological thriller. Fans of the X-Files and Fringe will like this. In fact, it feels like a lost episode of The X-Files. Good for the one time watch.

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9 thoughts on “The Forgotten (2004) – movie review

  1. This is awesome! I was thinking about this film the other day. I’ve never seen it, but could remember being intrigued by the plot. But when I was thinking about it the other day, I could not for the life of me remember who was in it or what it was called.

    Now I know, so will have to track a copy down.

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  3. It wasn’t bad. I like Julianne Moore so that made it a plus for me. The movie has some good startles in it and the suspense kept me going. I watched this again about a month ago and still enjoyed it.
    Watched a couple new ones this weekend.
    State of Emergency, a zombie film with an actual kind of ending and Home Sweet Home, an intense thriller. Both were good and kept me entertained.

  4. I always keep putting off reviewing this one. I liked it. Did have that X Files vibe you mentioned. Good write up!

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