Scariest Creatures in the Sea


Scariest Creatures in the Sea

I live close to the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is an eight minute drive. People swim. People fish. People eat seafood.

Not me.

I do not indulge in the sea. I have stated that sea creatures are both fascinating and disgusting. I’m fascinated when they are behind glass for viewing, I’m disgusted when they are swimming around my feet at the beach.

A recent trip to the Atlantis Aquarium in Riverhead just confirms my discomfort and anxiety about (some) sea-life. It turns out Lovecraft didn’t need much prodding from his imagination to fuel the nightmare creatures of his stories.

Note: These pics are not mine. They are ©  to whomever shot them/owns them. Enjoy!

Just in case any of you think these creatures are not big enough to harm you…

The following is an prologue that precedes my yet unpublished short story ‘Stormbringer‘. Thought this would be a nice time to share it with you:

“I don’t know why anyone would want to live on the shoreline of the Northern Atlantic. Beneath the murky depths lies an alien world of hidden atrocities – a multitude of species – monstrous likes that could not be paralleled by our worst nightmares.”
Michael Thomas-Knight (2009)

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23 thoughts on “Scariest Creatures in the Sea

  1. I was swimming in the gulf and something bumped me from behind. I turned and was face to face with a horseshoe crab. They are butt-ugly creepy! I don’t swim in the ocean anymore. I love to fish and I’ve seen what’s out there and what washes up on the beach. Monsters!

  2. Oh man! This is “Jaws” all over again. I was at last getting over that trauma. Just thinking about mayby taking some steps near the shoreline… And now this! Thank you very much Michael Thomas-Knight!!! 😐

  3. Cool post, Michael. You should watch “The Bay.” That movie freaked me out because it could actually happen. I love that you mentioned Lovecraft. He certainly had a thing for ancient and weird sea monsters and Gods. Thanks for the “Stormbringer” intro. Nice stuff, bro!

    • I watched The Bay, loved it. I had been watching this show, Monsters Inside Me on ANP, and there’s so many parasites and wormy looking things that people get from eating seafood or even just swimming in areas of concentrated populations of these things – so I know it is more than possible for something like The Bay to happen.

      • That is what made the film all the more scarier! I watch ANP once in a while. I’ll try and catch that show. Thanks.

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