Guest post at Vic’s Movie Den

The Cell pic 2
Guest post at Vic’s Movie Den

Click the link below to see my guest post at Vic’s Movie Den:

5 Horror films that I Love…
                       But every one else hates!

click here: 5 Horror Movies

A very BIG thanks to Vic for the invitation to guest blog on his site, and for another great topic to blog about. If you have a film that you really like and no one seems too impressed with, contact Vic about a guest post. It doesn’t have to be 5 films like my post, it could be just one and from any genre 😀

1 thought on “Guest post at Vic’s Movie Den

  1. Thanks for submitting this amazing post, Michael. You always step up to the plate, man. I appreciate you spreading the word and this Top 5 is getting great feedback, reactions and responses. Good job (You never disappoint, bro!).

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