Now Showing, On the Big screen, One night only…

godzilla 1954 pic 3
If a Movie Theater near you decided to show a Classic Horror film on Halloween Night, what film would you want them to show?

Last year a theater near me decided to show an old classic on Halloween night – That Classic was John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978). Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy hit a few days prior and most of us had no power, including the theater. Don’t know if they are going to do that again this year because of the bad turn out from last year. But, I hope so!

Okay, so here’s the question, what movie would you like to see on the big screen?

To make it interesting, let’s make it a double feature.

To qualify as classic, the film has to be at least 25 years old. You can pick something that you have never seen in a theater or something you had seen in a theater when you were young and would like to capture that feeling again.

My picks are:

Gojira (1954)
Imagine seeing Big-G on the big screen with the sound systems they have in theaters today? They could even add a little reverb in the scenes when Godzilla attacks the city to get the theater walls rumbling.
godzilla 1954 pic 2 Godzilla 1954 pic 1

The Fog (1980)
Hopefully, in William Castle fashion, they would have a fog machine in the theater and every time the fog showed on screen, they would blow fog up the theater aisles, too!

So, what are your ‘Halloween night at the theater’ film picks?

Let me know in the comments…

Reader’s choices:

Brian from Hard Ticket to Home Video picks:
The Shining (1980) & Jaws 3 in 3D (1983)
the-shining-1 the_shining_02
jaws 3 in 3d pic 3 JAWS 3D sans logo


Eric from The IPC wants to see:
Friday the 13th (1980) and Friday the 13th part II
friday the 13th 1980 friday the 13th 1980 pic 1
friday-the-13th-part-2 fridaythe13th part 2 (1981)


Xenolicker picks Evil Dead 2

Wonderinggrace would like to see 13 Ghosts and The Exorcist
13 Ghosts pic 3
the exorcist pic 4


Fringevoid picks, Phantasm and Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chain Saw Massacre texas chainsaw massacre pic 2


BeerMovie wants An American Werewolf in London followed by A Nightmare on Elm Street
an-american-werewolf-in-london pic 2
freddy and nancy


Mark from Lasers, Monsters and Barbarians oh, my! picked a Universal classic, Creature From the Black Lagoon, and a lesser known Hammer film, Vampire Circus.

creature-black-lagoon pic 2 creature-from-the-black-lagoon-pic 1
vampire circus pic 2 vampire circus pic 3

Who’s next?

27 thoughts on “Now Showing, On the Big screen, One night only…

  1. I would like to see Evil Dead 2. Haven’t seen that in quite a while. Maybe it’s not even old enough, what do i know? And whiles that movie was playing there should be a hurricane/thunderstorm going on that tears the roof of the theater. And then everybody should be electrocuted by thunderbolts and taken up into the sky while they are going up in flames! Yeah, that would be COOL! Huh, huh!

  2. A cinema close to me is showing Nightmare on Elm Street. If I wasn’t doing so much already, I’d probably go.

    Hmmm…let’s see…the only William Castle film I’ve seen is The Tingler, but I’d pick any of his films if they came with the sort of effects they used when showing them. Alongside it…I really don’t know. In two minds about something I’ve seen versus something I haven’t seen. Maybe The Omen (because I love that film) or The Exorcist (because I haven’t seen it. I know, I know, shame on me.)

    Okay. That took ages. But if I could only pick two…13 Ghosts, no idea why but I kinda really want to see it, and…The Exorcist. Even though lots of people have told me it’s actually quite disappointing.

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