Lake Ronkonkoma – The Haunted Lake

lake ronkonkoma pic 1
Lake Ronkonkoma – The Haunted Lake
Long Island, NY

We took a ride out to Lake Ronkonkoma last weekend revisiting a haunted site we had visited some years ago.

The legend says that a Native American princess fell in love with an early settler in the region. When the settler made it clear that their relationship could not continue, she drowned herself in the lake. She also cursed the lake, and once a year, every year, she would take a white male and drown him in the lake. She is sometimes referred to as, The Lady of the Lake. It is also speculated that her name is Ronkonkoma and the lake is actually named after her.

They say that one night a year you can see her in the mist on the lake before dawn. However, there hasn’t been a claimed sighting since the 1970’s.

Our investigation in 1998 turned up no evidence of ghostly activity.

Below are current photos followed by photos from the past:
lake ronkonkoma 5 lake ronkonkoma 2

lake ronkonkoma 4

lake ronkonkoma 3

Lake Ronkonkoma of yesteryear:

All pics below are (c) by the individual photographers who took them (not me) and are used here for information and learning.
Beach Scene, Lake Ronkonkoma Long Island

early years lake ronkonkoma
When the Bavarian Inn closed, we wanted to investigate the property but could not get permission.
bavarian inn 2 Bavarian Inn 1

Bavarian_Inn 2

Before heading home we went a few exits and stopped at
Hot Diggetty Dog for some special loaded hot dogs!
hot diggety dog 2 hot diggety dog
(2 pics of hot diggety dogs were taken by me…)

8 thoughts on “Lake Ronkonkoma – The Haunted Lake

  1. The pic in the rear with the couch is amazing! Great job. Urban decay is probably my favorite type of photography. Interesting story, too. My wife and plan to visit Munger Road (basis for the movie Munger Road) in Northern Illinois before the month is over.

  2. I lived on LI for a while and don’t remember the lake. But I guess with all the great beaches on the south I wasn’t ever looking for a lake. Great pics! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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