The Munsters – a monster sitcom for Halloween


I have both seasons (all episodes) on dvd and generally pull them out around the second or third week of October.

the munsters pic 2

It is definitely my favorite monster sitcom of all time.
themunsters munsters-herman&lily
the happy couple, Herman and Lilly

Grandpa always had a quick fix potion down the cellar!
the munsters kitchen
1313 Mockingbird Lane, prime real estate.
munsters house
One of a kind home, in an early episode a young man says:
“It’s only raining on this block!”
the munsters
Many guests would come for dinner.


the-munsters-igor munsters pets

The Munsters Pets, Spot the dragon, Igor the bat and Nevermore the Raven
Most of the time the Raven’s voice was Mel Blanc


the-munsters pic 3
The cars were fantastic!
Pat-Priest_attractive_munster & car
Pat Preist (Marylin) showing off her headlights!
amt-the-munsters-dragula-model kit MUNSTERS-Car MODEL
moebius-munsters-house model kit munster house model kit unpainted
You can get model-kits for both cars and the house!

Never guess who this is?

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