Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns – pumpkin walk 2013


Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns

This year we went on a pumpkin walk called Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns. It is held at Westbury Gardens and the walk includes 5,000 carved and lit Jack O’ Lanterns as you walk through a dark wooded area of the property.
pumpkin walk 125


Some of the work was really fantastic. Naturally it is difficult to get good photos. If you use a flash, you don’t see the glow. If you don’t use a flash, it’s hard to get a clear photo. Here’s some of the ones that came out best, but they don’t fully capture the experience of the walk through and the impressive designs.

For anyone that lives in the area, there may be tickets to a few more showings if you act fast.


3 thoughts on “Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns – pumpkin walk 2013

    • It looks a lot like the pumpkin walk you went to, not sure if it would warrant such a long trip, unless you were going to the Greenwich Village Parade in NYC on Halloween night, or something that was a bit more of a big event.

      • Well, this looks like its bigger and different and we always like to explore new places.probably would make for a nice road trip is anything…its a year away and we both have ridiculously horrible memory, so its just a plan as of now 😉

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