Spooky Halloween Games for adults

bobbing for apples
Spooky Halloween Games for adults

Bloody Mary – Standing in front of a large mirror, usually in a bathroom. You light a candle and stare at your reflection. You cbloody Marylose your eyes and repeat the words, ‘Bloody Mary’ 13 times, then open them. Supposedly, Bloody Mary will appear in the mirror over your own reflection. In some versions you Bloody Mary will be standing behind you.

Light as a Feather – 4 people can lift a person using only their fingers. A volunteer lays down on a flat surface or sits in a straight back chair. Using two fingers on each hand pointing straight out (pointer and middle fingers) place your hands together and lock the remaining fingers by folding them upon their opposite hands. With two people on each side, place fingers under the arms of the person and under the joint where the knee bends. Try to lift the person and it won’t work. Then each person light as a feathershould put their hands flat out over the lying persons head. The hands should be stacked but not touching and alternated so each persons hands are not together in order. Repeat the words; “Light as a feather, stiff as a board,” over and over as each person pulls their hand from the bottom of the stack and places it on top in alternating fashion. Do this for 30 seconds and say ‘go.’ Then everyone should quickly place their fingers back under the lying person as they were originally.  Continuing to chant, they will be able to lift the person off the bed or chair. A tutorial with diagrams can be found here: http://www.wikihow.com/Play-Light-as-a-Feather

Woman in the Window – This is one I remember from my childhood and I believe it was a local urban legend and game. It is for people that have a window on/along their steps to the second floor of their homes. You are supposed to do this at the stroke of midnight. From the second floor, walk down to the window and continue down for three steps more. Then, walk back up the last three steps (backward) without looking at the window. Chant the words, “Maria, Maria, show yourself to me” three times and turn to look out the window. Supposedly there will be a woman outside staring back in at you. She was either in a fire or had died falling down a staircase. I believe you are supposed to do this if you have a clock that chimes twelve times (12x) at midnight and complete the whole procedure before the chimes stop ringing.

adult-halloween-gamesPARTY GAMES:

More traditional games:

Halloween Horror Movie Charades – Write out a bunch of horror film titles on pieces of paper or index cards. Divide everyone up into two teams. Each team takes a turn picking a card from a hat (preferably a witches hat) and acting it out. The rest of the players on the team have to guess what film it is. They get 3 minutes to get the players on their team to guess the right answer. Use an egg timer or set an alarm clock for each round. If they get it, the team gets a point. First team to 10 points win! Approximately 1 hour.

Scare or Dare – This requires a little bit of set up before you play. I will talk about the set up after the game play directions. It involves a paper or plastic bag with a hidden object in it. Game Play: Each person tells a spooky or creepy story from real life experience. The rest of the players rate the story from 1-5 based on creepiness and believability. When the stories are done, add up the points. Each person can then add 5 more bonus points to their total by guessing what’s in the bag. They can only stick their hand in it – no looking and no holding the bag. The person with the least points goes first. If they don’t answer correctly go on to the next person (from least points to most points). As soon as someone guesses correctly the game is over, you add in the 5 points to the lucky guesser and declare a winner. If no one guesses, the points go to the host. Set-up: The Bag. Before guests come over, get a sturdy opaque bag, such as a brown paper bag. Line it with a plastic bag, especially if you are going to have something juicy in it. Now, you have to find an item (non-toxic) Bobbing-for-apples-005that would freak someone out if they stuck their hand into the bag. You can use fresh pumpkin guts, left over spaghetti with baby food on it, smashed up rotten bananas covered in warm yogurt… be creative. Place the item in the bag and have it off in a corner somewhere. Have a towel or wet-towelettes on hand for cleaning hands. Also, players are not allowed to smell their hands when they pull them from the bag. Lastly, before you play it would be wise to ask if anyone has allergies to anything, to ensure the item in the bag won’t make them sick by exposure. But don’t ask, is anyone allergic to rotten strawberries? That will give away the answer. (You could also use a box instead with a hole cut out to fit your hand through it)


****Before you go messing with Ouija Boards, Séances, and graveyards, be sure you read this post! The Dangers of Halloween

More Halloween fun and Traditions can be found at: http://www.halloweenspirit.co.uk

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