Michael Thomas-Knight published in Miseria’s Chorale anthology

Miseria's Chorale -  cover large

My story Motel Impressions is now available in Miseria’s Chorale Anthology by Forgotten Tombs Press. There are some great authors in the book, many of whom I’ve already shared space in previous short story collections.

About Motel Impressions:
A haunted motel room on a wicked stormy night is the setting for my lurid tale about a young couple tormented by a ghastly event. Takes place on Long Island’s South Shore (as many of my stories do).

If you’re a horror reader, I hope you will all get this book and check it out. It is probably the best ghost story I’ve written (so far) and I hope to give some of you the willies. I knew I had written something special with ‘Motel Impressions’ when I got the acceptance for this because it was probably the best compliment from an editor I have ever received. Editor David Nell wrote, “It was nail-bitingly paced and well-written, and even though it’s one of the longer stories we’ve received, it had us glued all the way to the end. Excellent work.”

‘Motel Impressions’ by Michael Thomas-Knight
Now available in,
Miseria’s Chorale from Forgotten Tombs Press

Available at Amazon.com, kindle and paperback editions:

Amazon Kindle Version

Amazon Paperback Version

Miseria's Chorale - full cover layout.

Includes horror fiction by:
James Dorr, Anna Taborska, Pete Aldin, Carl Barker,Todd Keisling, Ryan Falcone, Bruce Memblatt, Peter Crowther, Shaun Meeks, Jonny M. Kelley, K Trap Jones, Michael Thomas-Knight, Alexandre Mandarino  Lucy Taylor and many more…

Aaron J French, Adam Millard, Alana I Capria, Alexandre Mandarino, Anna Taborska, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Bear Weiter, Bruce Memblatt, BT Joy, Cameron Suey, Caren Gussoff, Carmen Tudor, Carl Barker, Christian A Larsen, Christina Murphy, Christopher David Rosales, Christopher Hivner, Christopher Nadeau, Douglas J Ogurek, Dy Loveday, Fred Skolnik, Glen Damien Campbell, Jay Wilburn, James S Dorr, Jon Ingold, Jon Michael Kelley, K Trap Jones, Ken Goldman, Lance Manion, Lucy Taylor, Meghan Arcuri, Michael Thomas-Knight, Nick Kimbro, Patrick Lacey, Patrick Tumblety, Paul Kane, Pete Aldin, Peter Baltensperger, Peter Crowther, Peter Mark May, Richard Farren Barber, Richard Godwin, RWW Greene, Ryan Neil Falcone, Sergio Palumbo, Shaun Meeks, Tim Jeffreys, and Todd Keisling. Edited by David Edward Nell.

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