Horror Art and Music – the artists

The Horror art of Repka, Benscoter and Smith

Warning: Graphic Images
**** If you are easily offended, please click off this page now. ****

Horror Art and Music – the artists

I wanted to bring you a few pics of horror-art album covers to highlight some of the amazing artists out there. These are some truly outstanding horror images to check out. Some of these you have probably seen, some you may be seeing for the first time. I will have a few of these posts showcasing CD horror-art, artists.

Ed Repka
Repka is responsible for the Halloween painting above and for numerous Vic Rattlehead paintings for Megadeth album covers. He has been active with cover art since the late 1980’s.
ed repka - bloodfreak ed repka 6 ed repka -MegadethRustInPeace
ed repka -nuclear assault ed repka 5 ed repka 4

Wes Benscoter

Wes-Benscoter- 4 Wes-Benscoter-1 ???????
wes benscoter 5 wes benscoter 3 wes benscoter 2

Travis Smith

Travis Smith - opeth Travis Smith - Nevermore Travis Smith - King Diamond abigail II
Travis Smith - Avenged Sevenfold Travis smith - dreaming dead travis smith - 6

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