O Little Town of Deathlehem – a Christmas Horror Anthology

o little town of deathlehem

For the end of the year, I have a new story published in a Christmas Horror anthology,
O Little Town of Deathlehem

If you’re so inclined and in the mood for some holiday horror tales, check out this collection which includes my story, Holiday Icon. It’s a tale of a Christmas Zombie, or is it?

Currently available for Kindle:
O Little Town of Deathlehem

Sales will benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation,
A collection of 23 holiday horrors.

One of His Own — Catherine Grant
Christmas Wine — Matt Cowan
Home for the Holidays — D. Alexander Ward
The Ghosts of Christmas Past — Richard Farren Barber
Deck the Halls — Chantal Boudreau
All I Want for Christmas — Raymond Gates
You Better Watch Out — Randy Lindsay
Saint Nick Sticks — Peter White
With Their Eyes All Aglow — Jeff C. Carter
Shop Till You Drop — Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin
The Antiphon — John Boden
A Christmas to Remember — JP Behrens
It’s the Most Wonderful Crime of the Year — Nicky Peacock
Krampusnacht — Ben McElroy
Lots of Love, Uncle Billy — Adam Millard
You’d Better Watch Out — Mark Onspaugh
Santa Claws is Coming to Town — Rob Ferreri
Riley and the Big Man — BC Jackson
Ornaments — Christopher Miron
Holiday Icon — Michael Thomas-Knight
Christmas in the Snow — Rose Blackthorn
Silent Night — Liam Hogan
Special Delivery — Simon Bradley

edited by Michael J Evans and Harrison Graves
Grinning Skull Press

Cover art by Jeffery Kosh

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