You’re Next (2013) – Movie review

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You’re Next (2013)

Much like The Conjuring, there was nothing particularly ‘original’ or ‘new’ in this film, but it still managed to be a fun watch. The film takes the standard thriller scenario and delivers it with a perfectionist eye  – you almost can’t help but enjoyyoure next pic 7 it. A family gathering on their parent’s Anniversary, in their country home, highlights the tensions between the brothers and their wives and girlfriends. The awkward celebration turns into a bloodbath as unseen assailants kill the family members one by one. We soon learn that there are three killers, each wearing a mask of an animal – a fox, a cat and a lamb. We also learn the girlfriend of the middle brother is an ex-survivalist and takes over defending the family she has just met. The family is pinned into the house by an assailant with a crossbow as the other two killers enter the home at different times and pick-off family members. The tension escalates and even though there is a predictable outcome, the film is exciting. If you liked High Tension (without the plot twist ending), The Strangers, or the older film, The Osterman Weekend, you can expect more of the same. For some trivia, it features a small role played by Ti West and another played by 80’s B-Movie Actress Barbara Crampton. Don’t believe the film’s own hype – there is no ’fresh twist’ ’reinvention’ ‘smart’ or anything ‘extremely terrifying’ about the film.  However, if you go in not expecting something mind-blowing, it’s a fun thriller with a heroine you’ll want to cheer for and some tense action.

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Directed by Adam Wingard
Written by Simon Barret

I give it a 3.7 out of 5 on the ‘tense suspense’ scale for thriller action films.

9 thoughts on “You’re Next (2013) – Movie review

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    • I saw some things line-up a bit too conveniently, (dues ex-machina) but I didn’t really feel they were plot holes. But, I just went along for the ride and didn’t think much about the details 🙂

  2. Good review. I really enjoyed this one, despite it not really doing much different from any other home-invasion thriller I’ve ever seen. I guess it was just “good”, and that was enough for me.

  3. Great review, Mike. I am looking forward to seeing this one. After reading your review, I feel like I know what to expect going in, which will halp with my enjoyment of it, I’m sure. Good job, bro!

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