Slither (2006) – Movie review

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Slither (2006)

I hate slugs. Especially slugs that want to crawl into your mouth and turn you into a mindless automaton. The parasite slugslither dvds crash land in a meteor ala The Blob. The slugs take over town members and/or eat them. They even keep one alive, Brenda, to produce thousands of slug offspring. When the survivors, Bill the Sherriff, Starla (Elizabeth Banks), Mayor Jack and Kylie find her, she is the size of the barn she is kept in. Boy, is she hungry! She explodes! Slugs everywhere! The band of survivors make their way to Grant’s house. Grant (Michael Rooker – Yes, Merle from The Walking Dead!) is the head slug, the mind behind the hive mentality of the slug nest. Starla seduces the bulging, blob-like, Grant- parasite in order for Bill to execute a plan to save the earth. Amusing black comedy and fun special-fx make this worth a watch.

Directed by James Gunn
Starring: Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks and Michael Rooker
slither pic 3

Good plot and good special-fx, but what makes this a cut above is a few good laughs!
I give this a 4.0 on the slimy-slug scale of creepy-crawly-comedy celluloid.

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18 thoughts on “Slither (2006) – Movie review

  1. Good review. James Gunn sure has come a long, long way since this and with good reason. The guy has a smart, funny and fresh voice that I think can really do wonders with whatever it is that he takes up.

  2. I got all these really smart books that I requested for Christmas by people like Paul Auster and Philip K Dick. And then I also got a trashy $1 second hand book called “Slugs”. So I’ve ditched all the literature for that. It’s pretty awesome. Just murderous slugs. Who seem to feel the need to strike when people are having sex.

    To the topic at hand, haven’t seen Slither yet. Have a copy here I grabbed from the local library the other day. Will have to check it out.

  3. God, I LOVE this movie. And the references are amazing. I liked everything about it. I just watched it recently on Netflix. Such a blast. Gunn rocked it.

    His affection for the genre really came through, here. I loved it as a great tribute to so many other B movies, too. I loved the “MacReady’s” Hardware Store (I think it was a hardware store). Too cool.

    If I remember Gunn also did a flick called “Super” that is supposed to be good. I haven’ t checked it out yet, but it’s in my queue.

    Good review, Mike!

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