The World’s End (2013) – Movie review


The World’s End (2013)

I was skeptical about this new Simon Pegg/Nick Frost film. While I liked Hot Fuzz, I thought it was a step down from the comedy sensation Shawn of the Dead. I didn’t like Paul at all – I tried to laugh but it just wasn’t happening for me. Pegg Worlds-End-sign-Dropwas also branching into the Hollywood mainstream in recent years and I thought this comedy duo’s better days were behind them. I was wrong. This is one damn funny f**king film! It is the exact style as Shawn of the Dead and includes similar comedic bits. The biggest difference is the two actors switched roles, Pegg, playing the irresponsible loser and Frost playing the more rational character. I have to say this film made me laugh, a lot! And that doesn’t happen very often with modern comedies. I actually hate most modern comedies and don’t think they are truly funny. Sure the plot is ridiculous and some of the actions by the characters unrealistic but that’s part of these over-the-top style comedies. The characters put importance in the wrong things aka, drinking over survival and doing the exact opposite of what a normal rational individual would do. Why do reviewers pretend that Shawn of the Dead was any different. This film appeals to the bar crowd mentality and weekend warriors who live for the weekend binge above all else. I’ve been there; I can relate to that. If you like the comedy aspects of Shawn of the Dead, I think this film is a close second. I cheered them on, hoping they’d finish the bar crawl challenge and I laughed along the way, not at all worried about the realism of the plot and storyline. If you want realism in your comedy, go watch When Harry Met Sally and let me know how many times you actually laugh.

Directed by Edgar Wright
Written by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg
Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Paddy Considine, Martin Freeman, Eddie Marsan and Rosamund Pike.
the worlds end - pegg

Pegg and Frost are back in true form – best comedy I’ve seen in years. Outrageous fun!
I give this 4.5 out of 5 pilsner pints in the category of blue-blooded, beer-guzzling bonanzas!

the worlds end - frost giphy

10 thoughts on “The World’s End (2013) – Movie review

  1. First, I love When Harry Met Sally. It’s brilliant.

    Second, I also really like this flick and agree with everything you’ve said. The Workd’s End is one of my favorite comedies of the year. Period.

  2. Wasn’t the best of the trilogy, but still a whole bunch of fun that I think I’ll enjoy and appreciate a whole lot more on a second or so viewing. Good review.

  3. Nice review, Mike. I loved the heck out of this movie. My son, wife and I had a blast sitting through this one. I am pretty damn confident that this movie has a strong replay value. Good job! Oh, and I have never actually seen WHMS and I’m pretty sure I never will. Oh well, some movies you just don’t get around to…

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