In my collection – Life Magazine 1953 Dinosaur Issue

life magazine dinosaurs

Life Magazine 1953 Dinosaur Issue

This is one of my prize possessions. It’s the 1953 issue of Life Magazine that features the art depictions of Dinosaurian landscapes by artist, Rudolph F. Zalinger. These are some of the pictures I marveled at when I was a youngster looking through dinosaur books I had borrowed from the library.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the original mural at the Yale/Peabody Museum in New Haven CT. While the knowledge of dinosaur life has changed through the years, it was still amazing to see this gigantic mural that stretched across the entire hall. The room also housed 2 sauropod skeletons, a full Stegosaurus skeleton, several raptors, a Totorosaurus, and a Tyrannosaurus skull amongst other displays.

Side note: My kids complain because our trips revolve around museums and historical sites.
Life magazine 1953 - Dinosaur edition

I have the Life Magazine issue framed and hanging on my wall with the Peabody Museum postcard depicting the entire mural in the frame below it.

A few pics from the museum:

4 thoughts on “In my collection – Life Magazine 1953 Dinosaur Issue

  1. I think my favorite movie depicting dinosaurs is Valley of Gwangi. The fight scene between the elephant and the t-rex using the stop motion was amazing.
    We have learned so much about dinosaurs. I think I like the mystery of years ago and how they thought they might have looked. You have a treasure!

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