The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007) – movie review

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The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007)

Ian Stone has a unique problem. Every time he seems to get comfortable with his life, he is killed, only to be thrust into another life in progress. He doesn’t remember any of this until the day a stranger tells him he should. When forced to examine his vague memories, he begins to recall the creatures that are causing these life fluxes. At first they appear as the deaths of ian stone dvdshadow figures, black masses with deliberate movement, but soon features take shape and he can see the demonic faces of the monsters. He also realizes that a particular woman is always in his life when he is replaced in this Groundhog day style film. Another woman, Medea, is also involved with Ian’s lives’ and can inflict the most detriment to him. Although I wasn’t impressed by this film originally – I liked it better on my recent viewing. The creatures, called Harvesters, aren’t completely scary but I did start rooting for Ian to get away from these things and save his love interest, Jenny. I liked the Harvesters’ design better during this viewing, perhaps because I am more used to CGI, and it is well done in this film. Before you scoff at the digital images know that the creature effects were done by Stan Winston and just enhanced with CG. That makes a big difference. Some of the film is a bit Matrix-like and it is never completely explained how Ian goes from one life to the next without starting over each time (it’s slipstream fiction but the film should have offered an explanation). However, if you accept the film at face value and don’t dig to deep for details, it is enjoyable creature horror. This film was part of the ‘Horror Fest – 2007 – 8 Films to Die For’ collection and is probably the best for that year (although I will admit I haven’t seen all of them).

Directed by Dario Piana
Starring: Mike Vogel, Christina Cole, Jaime Murray
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A horror film delivered with a serious tone, not perfect, but entertaining if you don’t get too hung up on the details.
I give it 2.5 on the demon creature scale of death’s doorway sentinels!

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