Black Death (2010) – movie review

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Black Death (2010)

It’s the early 1300s and the black plague is devastating the population of Europe. An order of witch-slaying Knights is set out to hunt down a rumored sorceress. They commandeer a young monk to guide them to a distant unknown area in theblack death poster wilderness. There is a town where it is said that no one has died from the plague. Others say they do die, but are brought back to life through witchcraft. They enter the town under the guise of travelers and are welcomed as guests. It is clear that there is secrecy afoot but is it witchcraft or are the overzealous knights too eager to find a guilty party? This film feels like a throwback to those Vincent Price/ Roger Corman medieval films from the 1960’s. It is well-written and indicative of the foibles and atrocities committed by men with fear in their hearts throughout history. Top notch acting and beautiful wilderness locations help drive the realism of the story. It’s not for everyone, but if you enjoyed medieval movies from the past, it is certainly a well made film worth your attention.

Directed by Christopher Smith
Screenplay: Dario Poloni
Starring: Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne, Kimberley Nixon, and Carice Van Houten


A well made and well written knights and necromancers film with fine acting and historical accuracy.
I give this a 3.7 out of 5 witch-hunting wails on the maniacal medieval movie scale!

10 thoughts on “Black Death (2010) – movie review

  1. Another one from 2010. Now this one I liked and have watched a few times. I’m always up for the dark ages and paranoia! Had a good spin with the boy and what happened with his girlfriend. The swamp scene at the end was good but I like that they continued it on. That bi… I mean witch really twisted his psych. It was also a good portrayal of the band of brothers. Might be a holy quest but they are men first.

  2. Nice review, Michael. I’ve only seen this once and I am willing to give it a re-watch. I did enjoy it though. I actually liked the ending. It was unconventional. I think I have a copy of this flick. Good job, bro.

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