Amber Lake (2011) – movie review

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Amber Lake (2011)

This would be closer to a psychological thriller but I guess if there’s the threat of death, it could be considered horror, no? Three young women that have never met before are invited to their father’s country home on Lake Amber. They don’t know that they have the same father. They had all grown up with different single moms. They discover their father is an honored amber lake posterpsychiatrist and wants to help each of them with their personality problems that he feels his absence in their lives may have been partially to blame. He has a strange way of helping. When the women refuse his offer, father dearest proceeds to tell them how flawed they are, how insignificant they are ,and how much damage is evident in their psyche. He then tells them about their mother’s – a slut, a druggie, and a mental incompetent, respectively. The next day, dear old dad’s body is found face down in the lake. The town sheriff arrives on the scene to question the women, one at a time. They each have a different story to tell about the events of the previous night and it’s not clear who committed the murder. However, before the day is through, the sheriff is determined to find the truth. This is a clever psychological thriller turned who-done-it and an intriguing look at the psychological damage that one human being can inflict upon another. There’s no horror style action in this film, and only one death. The film relies principally on dialogue to tell the tale. However, it held my interest and would be worth a look-see for those who like this kind of film.

Directed byJoe Robert Cole
Starring: Polly Cole, Mekenna Melvin, Natalie Smyka, Carmen Argenziano, Timothy V. Murphy

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A psychological thriller worth a watch for its character studies and mystery aspects.
I give it 2.6 on the neurotic nut scale of psycho-chick family situation flicks!

7 thoughts on “Amber Lake (2011) – movie review

  1. This one caught me by surprise. Acutally it did that several times. Acting was good, characters were messed up! What you see isn’t what you get in this. And that ending!

  2. I’ve heard a ton of great things about this, but it got mostly negative reviews for some odd reason. Still going to watch it at some point though! The premise sounds quite interesting, and dialogue based films can be great sometimes!

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