Love & Horror – Top 5 Sexy Horror Scenes in Film

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Love & Horror – Top 5 Sexy Horror Scenes in Film

aka: Lust and Horror
***Warning: There may be a bit of nudity in this post, if you feel you may be offended or its not for you, don’t scroll down – click off the page.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!

In celebration of the lover’s feast I present this themed post.
Last year I posted Love & Horrorand had numerous fellow bloggers contribute their choices for the best love stories in horror and sci-fi films. This year I’m offering Lust & Horror for scenes in horror and sci-fi films.

So here’s my Top 5 Sexy Horror Scenes in Film – Lust & Horror

5) The Howling (1981)Werewolf mating season

the howling dvd the howling pic 1

elisabeth_brooks_Howling howling_1

the howling pic 10


4) Angel Heart – (1987) Bloody Voodoo Sex Scene

angel heart poster angel heart pic 1

Angel heart pic 2 angel heart pic 5

angelheart pic 3


3) Species (1995) lover gets spiked

species poster species pic 5

species pic 4 species-sil-h-r-giger



2) Embrace of the Vampire (1995)  – vampire seductions

Embrace-of-the-vampire poster embrace of the vampire pic 5

embrace of the vampire pic 6 embrace of the vampire pic 7

embrace of the vampire pic 1


1) The Haeckel’s Tale – Masters of Horror (2006)cemetery orgy with the dead

haeckels tale-masters-of-horror haeckels tale pic 2 censored

haeckels tale pic 4 censored haeckels tale pic 1

haeckels tale pic 3 censored


Give me your picks for the weird, bizarre, and horrific sex scenes in film.

* scenes must be consensual sex
* The scene should have a seductive aspect to them, not just be a campy, no emotion, gratuitous scene.
** I’m especially looking for scenes that start with a seductive aspect and then, BAM, hits you over the head with the horror!

This is a Valentine’s post, lets try to be romantic. No picks from A Serbian Film, I Spit On Your Grave, or Scary Movie.


Post your choice in the comments and I’ll add it with a link to your blog! (choices subject to approval)

Honorable mentions/Readers Choice:


The Hunger (1983) offered by Renae Rude – The Paranormalist

the hunger pic 1

The-Hunger pic 4 HUNGER, THE


Underworld: Evolution (2006) suggested by my buddy Rip

Underworld Evolution scene pic 3 Underworld Evolution scene pic 1

Underworld Evolution scene pic 2 Underworld Evolution scene pic 4


From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) – dance scene Suggested by writer Thomas Kleaton

Dusk-Till-Dawn-pic 3 dusk till dawn pic 9

dusk till dawn pic 11 dusk till dawn pic 5


Innocent Blood (1992) offered by author C. Michael Forsyth

innocent blood pic 1 innocent blood pic 2

innocent blood pic 3 innocent blood pic 4


Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) – Also mentioned by C. Michael Forsyth

bram-stokers-dracula- Lucy


Another buddy of mine mentioned Big Bad Wolf, but I haven’t seen it:

big-bad-wolf-pic 1

And, here’s a few I’m throwing in for a final count:

Cemetery Man

Cemetary Man pic 2

Bay of Blood

bay of blood pic 1


The Cat People (1982) suggested by Baked Movie Reviews



33 thoughts on “Love & Horror – Top 5 Sexy Horror Scenes in Film

  1. The sex scene in Bloody Bloody Bible camp where they’re doing it out in the woods and the chick gets her head cut off and he starts crying – but still finishes – that sounds perverse written up but it’s actually really funny…

    Also – that sex scene with the stripper in Very Bad Things comes to mind : )

  2. Hey, Mike. firstly, Embrace of the Vampire is barely a horror film. I would add the scene from Underworld Evolution with Kate Beckinsale.

  3. Pingback: Happy Bloody Valentine’s Day | parlor of horror

  4. Epic! Oh, how I love Species and Cat People. All of these picks are pretty good though. I don’t think I’ve seen Cemetery Man.

    Nice idea for a post, Michael!

  5. I don’t watch horror movies because I am a big ole chicken. I wouldn’t normally think about them being sexy, but I guess those things sort of do go hand in hand, some of the same endorphins I suppose. Interesting post – a perspective I don’t often think about.

  6. My choice is kinda cheesy, but I like the shower scene in An American Werewolf in London. Mainly because of the song. That movie has a great soundtrack. 😉

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