Devils Pass (2013) – movie review

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Devils Pass (2013)

This film just missed being an excellent sci-fi/horror film. A seriously good concept and plot can be found in this film. A documentary film crew sets out to investigate a true life mystery known as The Dyatlov Pass Incident, DevilsPassPosterwhere a group of Russian ski-hikers died or went missing in 1959. The great ideas include a back story correlation to a rumored US military experiment gone wrong known as the Philadelphia Experiment. Sounds like a sci-fi fans dream movie. Where this film goes wrong is in its execution. Like turds in a dog park, this film is all over the place. It starts with the usual 1st person found footage format. After a half hour it becomes clear that a story this intricate can not possibly be told in this format. But the film treks on, confusing the viewer and concentrating on typical found footage film fodder — survivors blaming each other, yelling each other’s names in the dark — instead of the more interesting aspects of the original story it desperately wants to tell. When the ‘big reveal’ ending comes, it sputters out like dredge from a gutter rather than a tidal wave of discovery. There is a good story in here for those with patience and deciphering abilities but it is a frustrating endeavor. The presentation takes a competent slipstream /time travel idea and turns it into a mediocre (at best) reality TV show style reject.

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I can only find this film disappointing for its potential unrealized.

I give it 1.5 dismal dunce-caps on the scale of suffering sci-fi dysfunction.

8 thoughts on “Devils Pass (2013) – movie review

  1. I will start my comment by saying that I was planning to review this, due to watching it recently. My problem is that the day after viewing it, I completely forgot all of the characters. I remembered nothing of their individual personalities, and do not recall half of the movie. Dude, this is more horrifying than the actual movie, I pride myself in having a good memory…..

    But I guess what I am trying to say is that this is a forgettable experience at its finest. No matter how fun the last few minutes were, it was a tough trek through the mountains to get there.

  2. God this movie stunk. I think I rated it a 4 when i reviewed it. Had some potential like you mentioned. Poor Harlin.

  3. I finally watched this movie. I didn’t hate it, but I sure get where you’re coming from. All of the newscasts in Russian really detracted from the enjoyment, and the sound! Oh, my goodness, the sound . . . it sounded like they were in an empty warehouse all the time. The story, itself, however, was enjoyable, especially when I found that the event they were trying to “recreate” was a true story.

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