Now on Netflix Streaming – Horror – spring forward, 2014 edition

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Now on Netflix Streaming,  Horror ! 

spring forward, 2014 edition


*** This is a public service announcement***

The ugly truth – stay away from these dumb and dumber ‘wanna be’ horror flix!

Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan (2013)
The first scene in this film is Grizzly Adams getting his head split on a CGI lumber saw, complete with CGI blood splashing about in all its glory. Another bad CGI Syfy feature with paper cut-out characters and a lame plot.axe giant

Grim 1995Grim (1995)
Opening titles were done on someone’s MAC in their bedroom, circa 1995. A Ouija Board brings forth a big supernatural ape who partially possesses a woman and hides in miles of underground caves beneath a suburban town. Did you hear what I said? A supernatural Ape! (WTF?)

Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012)
Seriously? Bad kids in Saturday detention is the setting for this film. Breakfast Club copy-cat characters with a murderer bad kidsamong them. Yawn…

night vision coverNight Vision (2011)
Aside from a raucous sex scene, this is Misery with younger, less-interesting characters and dull dialogue. Note: Watch sex-scene and remove from queue!

Believe (2000)
I tried to watch this several times and it was just blasé. Perhaps you’ll have better luck with it, but I doubt it. Features a pre-teen, Elisha Cuthbert.

Breeders (1997) doghouse poster
(not to get confused with Breeders – 1986) A meteor lands at a woman’s college and births a monster and a vixen. The vixen runs around in an outfit left over from the set of Mad Max. The monster plods around in a believe 2000costume that is apparently too heavy for the actor to even move. No breeding or mating ever happens in this film – disappointment ensues.

Doghouse (2009)
This film wants so bad to be Shawn of the Dead. Lame jokes, lame zombies, lame movie!

Black Forest (2012)black-forest-2012-movie-1
Another low-budget film where people walk around in the woods endlessly and talk about how scary it is. The description of this flick sounds so much better than the actual film.

dracula 3000 posterDracula 3000 (2004)
Apparently, someone bought a cape at Party City and decided to build a movie around it. Clearly filmed in a submarine – not a spaceship. Coolio, this is very un-coolio!

Atrocious (2010)atrocious dvd
Spanish found footage film with little to add to the genre, but I love when the title describes the film perfectly! Review in one word: Atrocious.

100 Ghost Street: the Return of Richard Speck (2010)
100 ghost streetAnother terrible FFFF film –  Found Footage Film Fodder. Don’t you love when they purposely bounce and shake the camera around, because no one knows – not even amateurs – that you should try and keep a camera steady when recording. Seriously, I’m getting dizzy.



In the interest of fair-play, here are some good movies currently being offered on Netflix Streaming. Watch these instead!

Good Views:
Silence of the Lambs, Tales from the Darkside: the Movie, Dead End, Satan’s Little Helper, Trapped Ashes, ParaNorman, Darkness Falls, Pet Sematary, Devil, Fright Night (1985), Evil Dead 2, A Haunting in Connecticut, They, Creepshow 2,

And for some oldies but goodies:

Black Sabbath, The Angry Red Planet, House on Haunted Hill, and The Blood Beast Terror.

13 thoughts on “Now on Netflix Streaming – Horror – spring forward, 2014 edition

  1. Looks like we both watched some of the same bombs! I hate it when the blurb sounds good and the ad picture looks good and the movie just sucks! I like your reommendations. Wondering if I have the guts to watch Pet Sematary again. That one just really creeps me out no matter how many times I watch it. Going to check out Satan’s Little h
    Helper. Haven’t heard of it.

  2. Doghouse is the only one on the list that I’ve watched. It was mehhh………

    Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan and Black Forest were both films that I nearly watched at one point, but decided not too. Good job that I did not. Devil was actually good?

    • Yeah, I liked it quite a bit. It was all dialogue and it always fascinates me when a film like that can hold my interest. Not for everyone, so my suggestion would be to give it a try but don’t buy it – and have some patience in the beginning.

      • No reason to buy it, it is available on my Netflix…which my girlfriend pays for! So no loss here if it stinks….

        May just give it at a try haha. I can do dialogue…when it is clever.

  3. I like your new look. Neat and bright to portray that horror art. I just finished watching The Collection on Netflix and was wondering if you’ve seen it and if so, what you thought of it.

    • Thanks, it was time for a change. As for The Collection, I had reviewed it a while back. I think it was in a post called, Middle of the Road horror films. That kind of sums up my feelings about it – it was good for the one-time watch but it was no Silence of the Lambs.

    • Hey Laura, I just read my review of The Collection to refresh my memory, I actually enjoyed the film quite a bit. You can track down my review in my new ‘Reviews Menu’ page – alphabetical list of all my reviews 🙂

      • I just hopped over and read your review. Forgetting I even watched a movie happens to me too. It’s not necessarily that the movie was shite! as I watch so many. I really enjoyed it. I think the high point was never seeing the killers face. Even in the grand finale, which, while I saw it coming, was still fun.
        Your review menu is fantastic. I’ve found several movies from your recommendations. Will be browsing through it frequently.

  4. I’ve had Doghouse in my queue forever. Need to get rid of it and not waste my time, I suppose. The rest look pretty bad, too. Thanks for the head’s up. Glad that Fright Night, SOTL and Creepshow 2 are back up!

  5. “Very Un-Coolio.” LOL. I always appreciate this type of post where a blogger reviews a bunch of horror movies on Netflix streaming all at once, because it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed trying to pick something to watch.

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