A new look for Parlor of Horror

cthulhu horror

A new look for my Blog, what’a’ya’think?

Hopefully it will be easier to read and navigate.

I’m combining some of my page links, too. About and Bio will be one page – I’m cleaning up some of my loose ends.

I have about 400 movie and book reviews – any suggestion on making an alphabetical directory or easy way to find them?

I should probably work on my own logo for the header, too.

Any suggestions? Would love to hear ‘em.


14 thoughts on “A new look for Parlor of Horror

  1. I just started my website in December and making an alphabetical directory took long even for me. I only had 130 or so posts, but I can say that it may be worth it if you have the time. Only took an hour, or maybe even less from what I can remember. I do highly prefer your new look in all honesty. It is awesome!

  2. Looks good man. Really like the retro sci-fi looking banner thing up top. I really need to do an alphabetical list of all my reviews. But it I know it will take me soooo long. I probably have a similar number of reviews to you.

  3. It looks the same to me… But then i have an old device. It’s only a movie prop really. From some old 70’s science fiction horror movie. It has a name (Mother) and lots of lights, but it seems to have a will of it’s own; it’s annoying! Makes me wonder what else i’m missing! Therefore forgive me if i don’t always make sense in my comments; i could use another device of course but i’m afraid it (she?) will get jealous and i don’t want to upset it… So, i’m sure it looks great!

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