10 Things That Will Get You Killed in a Horror Flick

psycho shower

10 Things That Will Get You Killed in a Horror Flick

aka: fun with gifs (and just for the record it’s pronounced  – jif like the peanut butter 🙂 )


1) Having pre-marital sex at a summer camp, especially if you’re a counselor.

Friday the 13th remake


2) Denying the existence of the killer, creature, entity, or monster.

Nightmare elm street mom


3) Not listening to the old man that says, “Stay away from that place!”

Friday 13th old guy


4) Thinking you’re safe with the police.

T2 cop giphy


5) Taking a shower (or bath) when there’s a killer in your neighborhood.

nightmare elm street tub


6) Entering a strange home or house uninvited, even though you’re just looking for a phone.

texas chainsaw surprise


7) Experimenting a new scientific break-through on yourself.

the fly giphy


8) Dropping the weapon when you think you have killed the perpetrator, without checking for a pulse first.

fri 13th giffy


9) Hiding in a closet or under the bed.

jamie lee closet


10) Getting into the car for a quick get away, knowing damn well the car is not going to start!

car problems


Got some more Ideas? Let me know in the comments!

21 thoughts on “10 Things That Will Get You Killed in a Horror Flick

    • Yeah, she survived the whole movie, but I couldn’t find a good death in a closet – I tried for The Ring but couldn’t find a good giphy – and the old guy from Fri. the 13th would have been better for that slot but then I had no giphy for the old guy… etc.

    • I only put that in because I was having a squabble about it with my daughter, lol. I finally found a note from the inventer of the file format and I was right all along – J-sound for Jif – But people pronounce it both ways 🙂

  1. Don’t say you’ll be right back.
    Don’t mess with a Leprechaun’s gold.
    Drinking can save your life if you do it at a bar far away from the where everyone is getting hacked.

  2. Thinking you are safe with the Police! Ha! So true. This was an epic post, Michael. Had to share it! Nice job, man.

  3. How about never say I’ll be right back before leaving the room. And what’s with walking through the house without turning on the lights.

  4. Walking around alone in the dark and asking: ‘hello…?’ and: ‘anybody there…?’ I swear, if it happens again then there will be an extra kill: me killing the director!

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