Godzilla news – 2014 and 1954!

GODZILLA – 2014 – UK trailer

Yes, new trailer for Godzilla 2014



In Movie Theaters April 18, 2014 – that’s right folks! My wishes have been granted. I always wanted to see the original Godzilla in a theater. As a run-up to the new film, Godzilla 1954 (digitally re-mastered/restored) version will be re-released in theaters!


godzilla-new-poster web Godzilla 1954 poster web

9 thoughts on “Godzilla news – 2014 and 1954!

  1. Oh dang, I am so going to try to do both. Question: is this the original Japanese edition of the original film or is it the American-ized Raymond Burr version?

    • Judging from the new poster, it looks like the Japanese version. But maybe they’re doing both, I don’t know. Either is good for me although it would probably be a little more enjoable if I didnt have to read subtitles in a theater – Is a month too short of time to learn Japanese? 😀

  2. Don’t think the 1954 will be screened here in Rochester but I will check. Great info. I would love to watch these 2 kaiju films back to back as well. Good post, bro.

  3. I’m in. I want to see both. It’ll be great to see the original Godzilla on the big screen. Can not wait. I hope they show it here.

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