The Amityville Horror House, Today…

The Amityville House today 2

So, I was driving thru this South Shore community, Long Island NY, and came upon a familiar looking house.

Gone are the curved attic windows. Not so scary anymore.

The Amityville house today Amityville_2

Had to take a quick couple of pics while on the move. The loitering ticket for sight-seeing is like $1,000.

The home was up for sale recently for 1.5 million.



10 thoughts on “The Amityville Horror House, Today…

  1. Dude seriously? That actually pissed me the **** off reading that. You can get a $1000 ticket for looking at the house for too long. I hate this world sometimes….

    Really cool to see though I bet!

    • Well, I do understand. People would come from all over the world and take souvenirs – pieces of the fence, parts of the siding on the home, the garbage, clumps of the lawn, etc. The new owners came home several times and found people in their house! They went on the news several times and said there is no activity in the home and to just please leave them alone. There’s a difference between being curious and being disrespectful – unfortunately it had to come to this.

      • I did not consider that so fair enough. Folks should be charged for that kind of baloney. Observing from the sidewalk should be okay though!

        That is kind of one of the reasons I find it hard to believe in this stuff as much as I wish ghosts were real. Nothing is happening to them!

      • So true; i’ve heard that’s what happened to those curved attic windows too: someone took them as souvenirs! (I’ve heard that from that little voice in my head that’s always talking to me, so this information can’t exactly be trusted…)

  2. Cooooooool. Love the pics and yeah, it’s not that scary looking anymore and I can’t blame the homeowners for wanting people to back off. I totally get it. Thanks for sharing these, Michael.

    • It is. There’s a canal running in back of all the homes (not a lake) and everyone in the community owns boats. It’s very quiet and secluded. Home prices in the area are WAY out of my range 😦

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