Newspaper ads of your favorite horror films

dawn of the dead now showing friday the 13th ad

Newspaper ads of your favorite horror films

Who knew these were collectable?

I first saw a newspaper movie ad last year when searching for pics of Tales From the Crypt. A little bit of sidetrack searching and I found movie advertisement newspaper clippings being bought and sold on eBay and I-offer. I have a few of these myself, saved from a few years back. When I get them framed, I’ll post them here.


9 thoughts on “Newspaper ads of your favorite horror films

    • When I was a young un’ we would open up the newspaper on Friday Night and see what movies were playing. The Ads either sold us or we skipped them. Mostly th ads were just modifications on the movie poster art but both are becoming a dying art form. Hell, I haven’t even bought a newspaper in years.

  1. I went through a phase in the 80’s where I had cut a bunch of these out of the newspapers and slapped them up on my bedroom walls in between all of the metal posters. I remember having ones for the first several Friday the 13th, Evil Dead 2, Reanimator, Lifeforce and a bunch of others.

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