The Theatre Bizarre – (2011) – movie review

Recycling. This is an early review that got only one like. I may have had only one follower back then, (thanks John / Written in Blood). Its a decent flick and its available on Netflix 🙂

parlor of horror

The Theatre Bizarre – (2011)

The Theater Bizarre is a modern anthology, not aimed at a PG-rating or casual horror fan. These stories are loaded with sex and violence, yes, but also with something you’ll never get from American studios; the freedom of not having to capture the widest audience possible ($$$$) to please the conglomerate company. What we have is six short films by six different directors, who were not pressured into keeping it tame.

The films outlining premise is a theatre puppet-show of sorts. The puppets represent real people and as their section of the stage lights-up, we are treated to their story. It is all hosted by the ringleader, Udo Kier,  whose marionette-like movements exude a general sense of foreboding. He walks stage-right, holds out his hand like a model on a game-show and the film begins.

In ‘The Mother Of Toads’ A young couple’s purchase of…

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