Fundraising for found footage film, Devil’s Five

A friend of mine, Terry Wickham, is shooting a segment for a found footage anthology film called, Devil’s Five. He is currently fundraising on Indiegogo. Check it out:

Terry and I had worked together on the direct-to-video horror anthology movie, Evil Streets in 1997.

More recently Terry has worked with writer Tim Clark on the short film, Hair of the Dog. They have once again joined forces for a segment of the film Devil’s Five, called Stash.

devils five

4 thoughts on “Fundraising for found footage film, Devil’s Five

  1. It’s long out of print and it’s probably better off you don’t find it, lol. It wasn’t a success financially and it was shot on video (beta masters). Only a couple of years later there were digital cameras that blew away the quality so it kinda’ had a short shelf life. The first segment was from a short story of mine and I co-wrote the sceenplay with Terry, who directed it. I also did music for the segment and the main theme/opening for the film and took on a producer role, though I had no idea what that entailed. We all did a little bit of everything, so I was involved with the special fx, making props, shooting, lighting, etc. It was a fun experience, but not one I would revisit too enthusiastically.

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