My newest acquisition! – vintage model kits

fundimensions wasp

Finally got the Giant Wasp model kit from Fundimensions, circa 1973.

Feels like I traveled back in time to get it.

If you recall, I had built the other giant insect models, Mantis, Tarantula, Scorpion, a while back. All three of these were re-released by AMT in the late 1970’s and were much easier to find because of it. The Giant Wasp was not re-issued and is nearly impossible to find.

gigantics full

I saw it on eBay, and kept bidding until I won it. I paid more than I wanted to spend but there are so few of these left, I couldn’t let it go.

Once built, I will post it here for those interested.


Original Fundimensions Gigantics model kits – early 1970’s

giant scorp fundimensions 1 mantis Fundimensions 1 fundimensions wasp

fundimensions tarantula 1 Gigantics Fundimensions back cover

the AMT reissues – also in the 1970’s so these are vintage, too

gigantics collection


7 thoughts on “My newest acquisition! – vintage model kits

    • I had a huge paper wasp nest in my shed – me and my brother-in-law got this wasp spray at home depot that kills them on contact. we covered up as best we could long pants, long sleeves, hats, I wore gogles, and sprayed the sh*t out of them – it was crazy!

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