Check out the post from my fellow writer, Jim Goforth, for the “Writing Process Blog Tour”


I was invited to join in on the Writing Process Blog tour by a couple of people, namely the excellent horror and dark fantasy author Lucy Taylor and the wonderful scribe of terror Alex Laybourne.

Both of their fascinating insights into the questions asked can be located at the following sites.
Lucy http://darkfantasy.us/dark-fantasy-blog.html
Alex http://alexlaybourne.com/2014/06/22/tag-youre-it-blog-tour/

The questions are all the same ones asked throughout the entire tour, but of course, each response is going to be wildly different and incredibly diverse in terms of how different authors approach the writing process. So, without too much more introductory gibberish from me, here goes the questions.

1. What am I working on? I’m almost always working on multiple projects, usually because I’m inundated with ideas all the time, some which are probably great, some which border on the abysmal, but all need to be written to see how they pan out.

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